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jim woodford net worth

Jim Woodford, also popularly known as ‘Diamond Jim, is an individual with a life story as unique as it is inspirational. Jim was an accomplished aircraft pilot and entrepreneur who had it all; a loving family, riches, and all the fine things that come with riches. He was one of the youngest licensed pilots in Canada and started flying at 19 years. Although Jim was very successful, he was not a religious person. On the issue of God and religion, he was indifferent.

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Jim Woodford Net Worth & Scholarly Works

By the end of 2024, it is anticipated that Jim Woodford net worth is going to be around $1 – $5 million US dollars. As a pilot, made his money and invested it in business. He has written a number of books that can be found on Amazon and his official Shopify store.

Heaven, an Unexpected Journey: One Man’s Experience is his famous book.

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Jim Woodford Life-Changing Experience

So, what did we just say? He wasn’t religious, right? In 2014, Jim was lying in a hospital bed after a heavy dose of painkiller for Guillain-Barre syndrome that he had been suffering from for many years. In this period, he became clinically dead for more than eleven hours, and he had a supernatural vision, which consisted of 11 hours spent by him discovering Heaven. This unexpected trip to death—and his entrance into the afterworld—transformed his life forever.

Jim Woodford Social Media

Jim Woodford Career

Aviation Career: Jim Woodford began his remarkable career when he was just 19, quickly becoming one of the youngest licensed pilots in Canada. Starting with this small role , he steadily reached the higher ranks and eventually became captain of major airlines. This is showcasing his dedication in the cockpit and exceptional skills.

Jim Woodford Wife & Residence

Woodford enjoys a loving relationship with his dear wife, Lorraine. Together, the couple reside in New Brunswick, Canada, where they enjoy the serenity of countryside living. And it’s noteworthy that they own several horses.

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Jim Woodford Ministries Contact

To request that Jim speak, please fill out this event agreement. Jim’s Ministries will then get in touch with you to discuss your request.

Please click here to be sent to JW Ministries’ Facebook page, where you can find additional ways to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jim Woodford still alive?

Yes, Jim Woodford is very much alive now and he now runs Jim Woodford ministries.

How old is Jim Woodword?

As of 2024, he is around 76 years old.

Who is Jim Woodford?

Jim Woodford is a well-known personality for his near-death experience due to overdose of pain medicine. Jim never identified as religious. He was unsure about God and faith-related issues. Now that he runs his own ministries.

Is Jim Woodford Catholic?

Although Jim runs ministries, he doesn’t believe in labeling God. He doesn’t have any kind of affiliation towards any sect.

Is Jim Woodford’s testimony credible?

Many people consider Jim Woodford’s story a truth.

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