Jesse Crosson Net Worth: A Story of Redemption and Wealth

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jesse crosson net worth

Jesse Crosson, widely recognized as Second Chancer, has emerged as a prominent American Social Media Personality, boasting a substantial following of over 111k on Instagram and 100k subscribers on YouTube.

Do you know the journey of Jesse Crosson is a prime example of perseverance, change, and the quest for atonement? His journey from a difficult past to a present that has a social impact inspires optimism for second chances and the ability to make positive changes. Let’s discuss all of his life stories below.

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Jesse Crosson Net Worth: Financial Standing

Jesse Crosson Net Worth: Jesse’s estimated net worth of $1 million is accrued through diverse channels, including his social media activities, foundation, engagements at Zoic Capital and consulting.

Earnings in Prison: Despite meager pay for prison work, Jesse’s financial endeavors within the correctional system contributed to his financial standing.

Current Ventures: As a public speaker, he charges varying fees for in-person and Zoom sessions, along with consulting services.

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Jesse Crosson: Early Life and Background

Birth and Upbringing: Born on November 19, 1984, in Charlottesville, Virginia, Jesse Luke Crosson is currently 38 years old.

Legal Troubles: Engaging in illicit activities during his late teens, Jesse faced significant legal charges, resulting in a 32-year prison sentence at the age of 18.

Educational Pursuits: Despite his troubled past, Jesse utilized his time in prison productively, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ohio University. Additionally, he acquired skills as a licensed electrician.

Jesse Crosson: Physical Attributes

Height and Build: Jesse stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches (180 centimeters) with a muscular physique.

Nationality, Religion, and Ethnicity:

National Identity: Being born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, Jesse is an American citizen.

Religious Affiliation: Raised in a Christian household, he follows the Christian faith.

Ethnic Background: Jesse identifies as white.

Jesse Crosson: Educational Background

Schooling: Jesse attended Tandem Friends School in Charlottesville for his primary and high school education.

Further Studies: Despite his legal troubles, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ohio University during his incarceration.

Jesse Crosson: Family and Relationships

Parents: Jesse’s mother is Nancy Kern, and his father is John Crosson. His parents got divorced during his teenage years.

Relationship with Father: Even though his parents together didn’t get along well during Jesse’s difficult adolescence, his father was crucial in helping him learn important life lessons.

Family Dynamics: He spent his early life with his stepmother Teddi Ellis.

Mother’s Support: Jesse’s mother, Nancy Kern, vigorously pushed for his pardon, which ultimately led to his release.

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Criminal Activities: Due to his drug-related offenses and an 18-year-old robbery, Jesse received a 32-year prison sentence.

Incarceration: Jesse served 18 years and was released in August 2021 at the age of 36, despite the original plan for his release at 50.

Pardon and Reintegration: After being freed, Jesse worked as the CEO of IFGood, started Night Is Day LLC, and in 2022 started the Second Chancer Foundation.

Current Endeavors: Jesse speaks in public and shares his experiences and insights as a Marketing Associate at Zoic Capital.

Jesse Crosson: Personal Life

Relationship Status: Although Jesse and Courtney Stuart had a relationship during his last two years of incarceration, they are not currently romantically involved. And Jesse is unmarried.


What happened to Jesse Crosson?

Jesse Crosson was imprisoned a few days after turning eighteen. He received a 32-year prison sentence.

What did Second Chancer do?

Collaborating on TikTok, he teamed up with a public defender to collect food, clothing, and other essentials for individuals recently released from jail.

Who is the mother of Jesse Crosson?

Jesse’s biological mother is Nancy Kern, and she played a vital role for Jesse’s plea in the court.

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