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Meet Jaylin Grant, a remarkable individual with a loving family that includes Kimmi Grant, his mother, and her husband, Maurice. Together, they form a close-knit and blended family, where Jaylin is not only Kimmi’s beloved biological child but also cherishes his three wonderful step-siblings: Tatyana, Maurice Junior and D’Shalya. This introduction in Jaylin Grant Wikipedia highlights the warmth and positivity within their family dynamic, where Jaylin is an integral part of a loving and supportive household.

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Jaylin Grant Wikipedia & Career

Jaylin, the child of Kimmi Scott, is currently 25 years old, with a birthdate of May 22, 1998. It’s important to note that he is not the biological child of her recent partner, Maurice Scott.

Jaylin has become an endearing presence on Love & Marriage Huntsville, and viewers have grown to appreciate his occasional appearances. Notably, his mother’s strong influence was evident when she addressed an incident in the November 2022 episode where Miss Wanda insulted him.

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With a substantial following of 18k on Instagram, Jaylin has captured the hearts of many with his striking looks and charismatic presence. His handsome and charming personality has endeared him to a wide audience, making him a notable figure in his own right.

Jaylin Grant: Parents

Jaylin spent his early years being raised by his single parent, Kimmi, until he reached his teenage years. However, his family dynamic underwent a positive change when Kimmi married Maurice.

As for Jaylin’s biological dad, his exact wiki remains unavailable on the internet.

Kimmi’s journey is a testament to her dedication as a single parent, caring for her child. Later, she decided to give herself a second chance at love and entered into a relationship with Maurice Scott. The couple dated for a significant period before taking the next step and tying the knot in 2018 during the first season of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.” Their relationship is characterized by its warmth, beauty, and a strong, unbreakable bond.

Jaylin Grant: Socials

Jaylin Grant: Shadow and Act

According to Shadow and Act, Kimmi, Jaylin’s mother, revealed that her partner encouraged her to obtain a real estate license and wholeheartedly supported her in pursuing a full-time career in the field. Their relationship has become a shining example of what true support and understanding should look like, illustrating the power of encouragement and partnership.

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Jaylin Grant’s Mother Kimmi Grant Scott’s Net worth

Kimmi Scott’s financial success is nothing short of impressive, with an estimated net worth ranging between $5 mil to $10 mil. Her wealth has been accumulated through her multifaceted career, where she has excelled as a registered nurse, an entrepreneur and real estate agent. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Spectrum Home Health Agency and holds the position of a realtor at Capstone Realty.

Her prominence extends to the world of reality television, where she is a star on OWN’s reality series ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville.’ Her diverse accomplishments underscore her ability to thrive in both the professional and entertainment arenas, contributing to her substantial net worth.


How old is Jaylin Grant from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

Being born in 1998, Jaylin Grant is just 25 years old.

How old is Jaylin Grant?

Jaylin Grant, son of Kimmi Grant Scott, was born in 1998, is only twenty-five years old as of 2023.

Who is Jaylin Grant’s father?

Although Maurice Scott is Jaylin’s mom Kimmi’s husband but his biological dad is different. We currently don’t have more information regarding this.

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