Is Zach King Still Alive? Reality Amid Death Speculations

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is zach king still alive

Zach is an Oregon native who is widely recognized for his “digital sleight of hand” video clips and vines, which he started sharing on his Vine id in 2008. Zach’s vids are straight-up mind-blowing, pulling in a cult-like squad of fans. The dude’s got these trippy visual effects that legit look like wizardry. Picture this: he’s making pics pop off the screen, leaping through car doors and summoning stuff out of thin air. It’s like he’s flexing on the laws of physics and then some. But real talk, it’s all about him being an absolute editing beast.

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Is Zach King Still Alive?

Is Zach King still alive? So, we’ve heard some talks about Zach King biting the dust on Feb. 9, 2023. Can someone spill the tea? Like, what’s the 411 on Zach? When it comes to Vine, the dude was always doing the most. In just six seconds, his vids would straight-up blow your mind. But like, for real, is this news legit or just some wild rumor? Gotta stay woke and check the legit sources for the real deal.

Even though Vine kicked the bucket, Zach’s still rocking the scene, dropping his ‘digital sleight of hand’ vibes on TikTok and Instagram , keeping the crowd hooked. This wizard behind the camera has even cooked up some short films, like the legendary Jedi Kitten. Back in 2013, YouTube gave him props, naming him one of the top 25 rising young filmmakers in the States.

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Now, for the real deal on Zach today, there’s some gnarly gossip making the rounds. But hold up, we’re here to spill the tea and set the record straight. Let’s get the facts straight, fam.

Zach King: Socials

Zach King: Is He Truly Dead?

Currently, fake news surrounding Zach passed away on 9th Feb, 2023, started roaming around on social media platforms. So, we as fact checkers and reliable news providers here to tell you that Zach is not dead and he’s pretty alive and enjoying quality time with his family.

This film maestro is still hustling on social media, dropping posts left and right from her wife’s Instagram, even after the supposed date of his demise. Plus, his fam hasn’t dropped any announcements, so there’s that. No one knows where this sketchy rumor sprouted from, but this vid from Oxford Computer Center spills the tea – online sources are the culprits spreading this wicked tale. Stay woke, peeps, and double-check before buying into the hype. Folks, it’s obvious now that this is nothing more than a death fake.

Also 7 days back Zach and Rachel shared a family photo on their Instagram wishing Halloween.

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Zach King: Marital Status

Diving into the fam vibes, Zach’s got the whole husband and dad scene locked down. His wifey is Rachel King, previously Rachel Holm, bringing her own A-game as an actor and fellow internet sensation. She’s rocked roles in the series The Hour of Power and in the short film Suburbia. These two tied the knot back in 2014, repping Christianity in their journey.

Rachel’s not just about the glitz; she’s all about that foster care and adoption life. Oh, and did we mention this power duo took on Season 28 of Amazing Race? Squad goal, right?

Now, onto the kiddos, they’re playing the parent game like bosses, with sons Mason, Liam, and the latest addition to the crew, baby Emerson.


Does Zach King have a wife?

Yes, and his wife’s name is Rachel Holm King who’s an avid foster carer and she believes in adoption.

Why is Zach King famous?

Zach King, using Physics and his magical editing skills on Vines, used to post 6 second “magic vines” and that’s how we now know about Zach King and now that he’s so popular.

How old is Zach King now?

Born in 1990, Zach King is 30 years old as of 2023.

How much does Zach King earn on TikTok?

Zach’s income per TikTok post is reportedly between $25,075 to $41,791.

Is Zach King a Millionaire?

Yes, as of 2023 Zach King has over 6.5 million USD (as widely reported).

Is Zach King half Chinese?

It’s true that he has half Austrian and Nicaraguan ancestry from his mother and half Chinese ancestry from his father.

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