Is Father Cedric Married? Passionate Ministry & Marital Mysteries

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is father cedric married

Is father Cedric married? Passionate priest Fr. Cedric’s impactful ministry airs globally. Tune in to his uplifting TV and radio programs. Keep paging for more. Join the spiritual journey with Fr. Cedric, a devoted Passionist priest whose impactful ministry transcends borders.

His inspiring TV and radio programs, broadcasted globally on the Church Channel, bring messages of hope and faith to countless lives. Connect with Fr. Cedric at his ministry headquarters, 430 Bunker Hill Rd., Houston, TX. For inquiries, call Steve at 713-464-4932 (Mon-Fri, 8 am – 4 pm CT) or reach out anytime at 844-328-4372. Visit and to experience the transformative power of a life lived with passion.

Rev. Cedric Pisegna, C.P., a Passionist priest born in Springfield, Massachusetts, is a multi-faceted individual. Ordained in 1991, he holds a B.S. in Social Work, studied Philosophy at Southern Illinois University, and earned a Master of Divinity with Bible Specialization from the Catholic Theological Union at Chicago in 1990.

His prolific career includes studying in Greece and Israel, leading pilgrimages, and theological studies in Rome. Fr. Cedric’s media presence is vast, with TV and radio programs like “Live with Passion!” airing across various cities. As a published author, he has penned 15 books and produced CDs and DVDs on Christian living. His mission, rooted in Catholic beliefs, extends to people of all faiths and unbelievers, embodying the essence of the “New Evangelization” emphasized by Pope John Paul II. Fr. Cedric’s impactful message revolves around the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ and the imperishable riches of the Holy Spirit.

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Is Father Cedric Married? 

Is father Cedric married? What if we give you a spicy story too about Father Cedrick’s marital status along with the answer that he’s married. There you have it!

Unexpected Date Night Drama

After two decades of marriage, the wife drops a bombshell – a date with another woman. Intrigue heightens.

The mysterious “other woman” isn’t a romantic rival but Mom, throwing a curveball of emotional depth into the story.

Son, feeling a bit jittery, picks up Mom for a dinner date. Both donning nervous smiles, they embark on an unexpected adventure.

A simple dinner plan turns into an evening of menu reading, hearty laughs, and a missed movie – because genuine connection steals the spotlight.

Unexpected Twist of Fate

Tragedy strikes as Mom passes away suddenly, turning the seemingly ordinary dinner into a lasting and poignant memory.

Posthumously, a bittersweet surprise unfolds – a restaurant receipt with a note reveals that Mom paid for the dinner in advance.

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In the wake of his mother’s passing, the son grasps a profound lesson: the significance of timely expressions of love and the irreplaceable value of family moments. 

Fr Cedric Net Worth 2024

As of January 8, 2024, Fr. Cedric’s YouTube channel, a digital sanctuary with over 11K subscribers and 479 videos, boasts a net worth of $2,356. This digital sanctuary has been a source of guidance and inspiration for over a decade, reaching thousands with its transformative content. Join the community, embrace the passion, and immerse yourself in Fr. Cedric’s rich spiritual legacy.

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How old is Father Cedric?

Born on June 12, 1957 Fr Cedric is 67 years old as of 2023.

Who is Father Cedric?

Known for his dynamic ministry, Fr. Cedric travels extensively, preaching retreats and missions in the U.S. and Canada from his base in Houston, Texas.

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