Is Chris Guins Married? The Romantic Chapter in a YouTuber’s Life

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is chris guins married

Chris’ Letsdig18 company has proven to be a lucrative venture, and he elevated his success by launching the @letsdig18 YouTube account. Chris Guins’s substantial net worth continues to grow daily, thanks to his diverse sources of income.

He’s so successful. So, Is Chris Guins married? Let’s find out!

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Is Chris Guins Married

Chris Guins is undoubtedly fortunate to have discovered an ideal life partner in his wife, a person who not only possesses beauty but also offers unwavering support. Whether they are celebrating achievements or navigating challenging moments, they stand by each other. Chris and his wife share a longstanding relationship marked by strength and trust. Together, they have cultivated a culture of mutual respect and understanding, laying the foundation for a successful and affectionate connection. While it’s widely known that Chris is married, there is currently no available image of their marriage. Any updates in this regard will be promptly provided as soon as they become available.

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Chris Guins/ Letsdig18 Summary

Full NameChris Guins
Popular asletsdig18
ProfessionsOwner/Operator of letsdig18 excavating business, Businessman, YouTuber
Age35 Years (as of 2023)
Date of BirthExact N/A , Believed to be 1987
HeightIn cm: 172 cm, In feet: 5’8”
WeightIn pounds: 158 lbs, In Kilograms: 72 kg

Chris Guins: Socials

Chris Guins: Whole Career

Chris Guins stands as a true testament to pursuing one’s passion and turning it into a remarkable success story. His journey commenced in his family’s excavating business, Letsdig18, where, through a combination of innate talent and diligent effort, he not only became the operator but also the owner of the company. In 2007, Chris expanded his reach by creating the YouTube channel ‘Letsdig18’ to share his excavating experiences and knowledge with a broader audience. The channel’s resounding success is evident, with over 647k subscribers and an impressive 518,491,292 views to date, solidifying his status as one of the most accomplished YouTubers in the business realm.

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With 3,830 uploaded videos, Chris has become a prominent figure in the business landscape, showcasing his dedication and passion. His success as both a businessman and a YouTuber is rooted in his unwavering commitment, transforming Letsdig18 into a trusted and recognizable brand. The content on his YouTube channel not only reflects his expertise but also serves as a valuable resource for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Chris Guins exemplifies the possibilities that can unfold when one follows their true calling and puts in the hard work to turn dreams into reality.


Who is Chris from lets dig 18?

Chris Guins, also known as LETSDIG18, is the third generation in the family excavating firm. Over 10 years ago, he began making videos for YouTube to share the awesome projects he works on.

Where is Let’s Dig 18 located?

Chris Guins, aka letsdig18, thrives in the world of earthwork as both the operator and owner of his family-run excavating company. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, you’re likely to discover him in North Carolina, waist-deep in pond work with a Volvo excavator, all the while sporting his signature cargo shorts.

What state does LETSDIG18 live in?

Chris Guins, or letsdig18, is the proud operator and owner of his family’s digging dirt business. As a self-proclaimed earthwork enthusiast, you’ll likely spot him wearing cargo shorts and all, operating a Volvo excavator to dig out ponds in North Carolina, even on weekends.

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