Is Andrew Camarata Married? From Excavation Expert to YouTube Sensation

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is andrew camarata married

Initially, Andrew Camarata gained widespread attention while diligently working on expanding his excavation and property maintenance business in New York. His expertise in blue-collar professions became the focal point of his YouTube content, resonating with a global audience and earning him millions of followers.

While specific details about Andrew Camarata’s personal life might not be extensively covered, his online presence is characterized by a down-to-earth and hands-on approach, showcasing his skills and experiences in property maintenance. His success serves as an example of how individuals in seemingly unconventional professions can become influential figures through online platforms like YouTube. That’s why the hot question here is, “Is Andrew camarata married?”

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Is Andrew Camarata Married & What’s His Background?

As of the latest information available, Andrew Camarata is not married. There have been speculations about his relationship status, and some reports suggest that he may be dating a fellow YouTuber named Samantha Weber. These rumors gained traction, especially after she was seen assisting him in building his fortress. However, Andrew has not publicly addressed or confirmed these reports.

It’s noted that Andrew has been in multiple relationships in the past. In terms of his background, his ethnicity is American, and he holds American nationality. His parents are Susan Anne Camarata and Andy Camarata. His dad, Andy Camarata, was a former mail carrier for the US Post Office. Andrew also has a sister named Chelsea.

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Andrew Camarata: Early Life

In 1985, Andrew Camarata witnessed the face of the Earth in Saugerties, New York. And he celebrates his birthday every year on November 12th.

The New York born man followed in the path of his father, Andrew Camarata Senior, a well-known craftsman and mechanic in his hometown.

Andrew began working alongside his father at a young age, learning how to repair heavy-duty machinery, maintain excavation tools, and repair engines.

He developed an interest in machinery for his father.

For the first time, the digital arena piqued his interest.

Andrew studied computer science, a short-lived passion that eventually led him back to his first obsession with renewed zeal.

Although his Computer Science course was brief, he acquired two Golden Retrievers around this time—Daisy and Levi.

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Andrew Camarata: Net Worth

Andrew Camarata’s net worth is $6 million as of 2023 (widely reported). His primary income sources are YouTube, merchandise and business. We also came to know that, he has a real estate management firm named Camarata Property Maintenance. Though the exact figures are not accessible, he is estimated to make a lot of money because he is very good at his job.

Andrew Camarata: Trivia

  • Andrew, a connoisseur of canine companionship, cherishes his three pets: Lacy, Blue, and Cody. Unfortunately, Levi, one of his loyal dogs, passed away in June 2021.
  • While expressing his creativity, Andrew undertook the construction of a castle utilizing shipping containers.
  • In the realm of culinary preferences, Andrew finds delight in frozen pizza.
  • Maintaining a pristine canvas, Andrew has opted not to adorn his body with any tattoos.
  • With a digital presence extending to Instagram, Andrew shares glimpses of his endeavors with a follower count of 37.5 thousand.
  • The smoking and drinking habits of Andrew remain undisclosed, leaving this aspect of his lifestyle in ambiguity.


Where do Andrew Camarata live?

Andrew Camarata lives in Saugerties, New York.

Is Andrew Camarata married?

Andrew Camarata is currently not married and has not disclosed anything about his marital status.

How old is Andrew Camarata?

Born in 1985, Andre is 38 years old as of 2023.

How much does Andrew Camarata make on YouTube?

In the last 7 days Andrew generated around $910k from his YouTube and approximately $7.88k weekly.

Where is Andrew Camarata castle?

You can directly get the map of his property by clicking here. That’s what we found from Google maps.

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