Is Alicia Keys Muslim? Her Faith & Controversial Green Post

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is alicia keys muslim

Alicia Keys is one of the most inspirational figures and she gathered so many fans all because of her creative poems and songwriting skills. Some of her write-ups have deep devotional undertones.

All these raise the question, Is Alicia Keys muslim? Let’s break it down.

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Is Alicia Keys Muslim

Well Alicia is not practicing any religion and has never been religious. She also revealed that she’s not any atheist, but she identifies as a spiritual woman and has a deep value for her belief in something greater than oneself like the higher self, and having hope and firm faith.

Although she is so indifferent to any particular religion, Keys says that she has a strong belief in God. She once said, “how can there not be a God?”

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Alicia Keys Stance on ‘Peace’: Is She Converted to Islam in 2023?

In an indication of the increased sensitivity and tensions on social media surrounding the Israel-Hamas war, Alicia Keys provided us with an explanation for the removal of a paragliding-related Instagram post on Monday.

Keys had shared a photo of herself earlier on Monday, posing in a green leather jacket, along with the remark, “What would you do if u weren’t afraid of anything???” Tell me your truth…”

She then said, “I’ve had my eyes on paragliding…👀👀”

Keys was instantly criticized on Instagram by some users for being insensitive. Many claimed that the word “paragliders” was triggering because Hamas terrorists had used it to infiltrate Israel during the incident on 7th Oct 2023. Even further, several Instagram users suggested Keys was wearing green to show support for Hamas.

All these things made everyone believe she maybe has a bit of affiliation towards muslims and Islam, but, as she turned down the post immediately after what fans made up about all these adding up, giving us clear information that she is still a spiritual woman free from any religious barrier. It’s just sensitive times on the Internet, fans sometimes speculate anything!

Alicia Keys Socials

Alicia Keys: Spiritual Journey & Son

Alicia Keys shared the exciting news of her son’s birth, Genesis, with her Instagram followers in December 2014. While Alicia Keys hasn’t publicly discussed the inspiration behind this distinctive name, many people speculate that it might have been drawn from biblical sources.

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Alicia Keys: Faith & Rituals

Alicia Keys gave us indications that she believes in the magic of making wishes and regular prayer and that she loves praying often, and that’s almost as big as 75 times a day.

Alicia is cited as claiming that, in her opinion, there is a God. This is from a 2012 article on The Hollowverse.

According to her, being spiritual and being religious is completely different. She has just no affiliation towards a certain God from a certain religion.


Does Alicia Keys have children?

Yes, Alicia Keys have two kids naming Genesis Ali and Egypt Daoud.

How old is Alicia Keys now?

Born in the year 1981, Alicia Keys 42 years old as of 2023.

What are 5 facts about Alicia Keys?

– Alicia Keys’ father was a flight attendant.
– Initially Alicia reckoned herself to be Alicia Wild but her mom said it’s giving off some stripper vibes, so she changed.
– Alicia is the creator at Keys Soulcare.
– Alicia’s products are sold on Ulta Beauty, Sephora Canada and Douglas Cosmetics.
– She loves makeup.

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