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gus arrendale net worth

popular for his leadership as the Chairman of Fieldale Farms and Chief Executive Officer. His entrepreneurial prowess and illustrious career have blessed him gaining substantial recognition and wealth within this manufacturing industry.

Gus Arrendale Net Worth

Gus Arrendale net worth accumulates at a cool $3.8 million, showing off his expertise, strategic leadership and years of hard work. His rise to excellence reflects his dedication to customer satisfaction and excellence. All these things are contributing to his widespread admiration and respect.

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Gus Arrendale Key Details

  • Real Full Name: Gus Arrendale
  • Professions: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Birth Year: 1957
  • Age as of 2024: 67 Years
  • Height: 5 ft 9 in/175 cm
  • Weight: 171 lbs/ 78 Kilograms
  • Marriage: Married to Jeanne Arrendale
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Gus Arrendale Family And Childhood

Gus Arrendale’s upbringing can be written as a childhood filled with familial bonds, love and a hobbyist interest in businesses. During his early years, he dedicated all of his time to good company and fostering the growth of sincere and committed principles with his family and friends.

His devoted parents truly excelled at being the key figures who nurtured his spirit of entrepreneurship and molded his personality.

Gus Arrendale Education Qualification

Arrendale undoubtedly excelled in academics. He tossed the graduation cap with distinction from a prestigious university. His evergreen thirst for knowledge and love for the beverage and  food and industry uplifted him towards entrepreneurial ventures. Armed with a solid educational portfolio and devoted determination, he carved his niche into the business world.

Gus Arrendale Professional Life

Arrendale’s career skyrocketed as soon as he completed his degree. He showcased a tireless work ethic and exceptional managerial skills, so he swiftly ascended in higher positions within the industry. Despite facing difficulties, his perseverance and dedication led to global success and recognition. Today, he serves as an example of how we can achieve success in the beverage and food manufacturing landscape.

Gus Arrendale Career

As Chairman and CEO of Fieldale Farms, Gus Arrendale has remarkably contributed to the company’s innovation and growth. His unwavering dedication and visionary leadership have generated Fieldale Farms to become the leading in the poultry industry, and absolutely slaying those awards and acclaim. Under his leadership, the company has gained brilliant success and continues to thrive in a shark market.

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Gus Arrendale Fieldale Farms Net Worth

Fieldale Farms has a net worth of $17 million. The company’s brilliant success tells a lot about its adherence to stringent standards and experienced workforce. Despite market challenges, Fieldale Farms still is a leading player in beverage and food  manufacturing.

Gus Arrendale Relationship Status

Gus Arrendale is a married individual. His wife is Jeanne Arrendale. Their long-lasting partnership is built on unwavering support, mutual respect, and love, serving as a source of inspiration and strength.

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Visit the official webpage of Fieldale Farms Corporation for details and inquiries: Fieldale Farms Corporation


Is Gus Arrendale married?

Yes! Gus Arrendale tied his knot to his beloved Jeanne Arrendale.

How much is Gus Arrendale worth?

Gus Arrendale has a net worth of $4 million.

How old is Gus Arrendale?

Born in 1957,Gus Arrendale is currently 67 years old.

Who is Gus Arrendale?

Gus Arrendale is the Chairman/CEO of Fieldale Farms and a highly successful businessman at a leading poultry farming company.

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