George Gammon Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Age: Real Estate Expert and Entrepreneur

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george gammon net worth

Introduction to George Gammon

George Gammon is a big deal, especially in the online world. He’s a real estate whiz and entrepreneur with a solid macroeconomics expert rep. His YouTube channel is like a goldmine of knowledge where he shows folks how to build and safeguard their moolah, especially when things get all uncertain and tricky. George also handles this mega real estate stash that’s worth millions.

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George Gammon Net Worth

As of 2023, George Gammon has a net worth of $5 million. That’s an excellent financial mojo right there!

George Gammon Background

George Gammon’s story is fascinating. He was born in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico, on January 30, 1973.

In 1997, he earned a degree in media and communication studies from Grand Canyon University.

This guy’s like a serial entrepreneur! He started up many companies, like in the marketing scenes and conventions.

His last venture was a real winner – it was pulling in a massive $24 million in revenue yearly, and he had more than 100 folks working for him by 2010. Talk about a boss move!

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Even though his career was pretty short, George banked enough cash to semi-retire when he was just 38. That’s living the dream.

After a dozen years of rocking it as an entrepreneur, he decided to shift gears and dive headfirst into the realm of real estate.

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George Gammon’s YouTube and Podcast Journey

George’s YouTube journey started in January 2013 but kicked things into high gear in July 2019.

His channel is like a treasure trove of knowledge about investing and macroeconomics.

But here’s the cool part – he’s not just talkin’ the talk. George gets up close and personal with some of the world’s top experts in their fields. He’s chatted with big shots like Peter Schiff, Jim Rickards and Lyn Alden.

He’s all about diversity, bringing in guests from all walks of life.

And let’s not skip, George’s channel is a hit with over 496K subscribers. His videos consistently rack up more than 150,000 views. Plus, he’s all about quality over quantity.

George doesn’t just stop at YouTube. He’s also got this noteworthy podcast called “The Rebel Capitalist Show”; you can catch it on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn and Google Podcasts.

The show’s all about business, investing and getting your financial game on point.

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George Gammon’s Career in Real Estate

Thanks to his background in business and industry, George had the skills to make a smooth transition into real estate.

Now, this guy’s real estate game is awe-inspiring. His portfolio is worth mega bucks in today’s market. And check this out – George has flipped over 42 properties in the US and other countries. That’s some absolute globe-trotting action for real estate!

George is like this international real estate mogul, and he runs the business from his home base in Medellin, Colombia.

He’s all about those distressed properties – the ones that need a little TLC. He snaps them up, works his magic with renovations, and then it’s time to sell for a nice profit or keep them as rental income. Smart move, right?

But it’s not just about making big bucks for George. He’s a top-notch educator. He’s got this knack for taking super complex stuff and making it easy for regular folks to understand investment techniques.


Where was George Gammon born?

George Gammon was born in the United States.

How did George Gammon make his money?

George Gammon is a total rockstar in the investing and entrepreneur scene. He’s got these mad skills when it comes to investing and making that money; it’s like second nature to him.

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