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gene chandler net worth

Gene Chandler is popularly known as “the Duke of Earl.” He’s an American musical genius who wears many hats – music producer, songwriter, and singer also a record label bigwig. His fame and success resemble the famous tunes of “Duke of Earl” and the soothing vibes of the “Groovy Situation.” Gene is not just an average singer. He’s famous for his groovy conjuring tied with the Impressions, the Dukays and the legendary Curtis Mayfield. In the era of music, Gene Chandler is the Duke who knows how to make many totally drool with the music.

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Gene Chandler Net Worth & Income

In The United States Gene is one of the wealthy singers. According to different sources like Business Insider, Forbes & Wikipedia, Gene Chandler net worth is a whopping $2 Million. (Updated: January 22,2024)

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Gene Chandler Early Life

Gene Chandler’s early life began with his music journey in the middle of the 1950s. With groups “The Dukays” and like “The Gaytones” Gene Chandler served military service in The U.S. Army. After that, he totally kept his musical journey. So, he always grabs the spotlight’s attention.

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Gene Chandler Top Achievements

Ranking and Popularity:

  • Gene Chandler is ranked among the most popular R&B singers.
  • Joined the elite club of famous individuals born in the U.S.
  • Celebrates his birthday on July 6.

Artistic Achievements:

  • Iconic and accomplished American R&B artist.
  • Notable record producer with a rich musical history.
  • Known for elegant gems like “Duke of Earl” and “Groovy Situation.”

Chart Dominance:

  • Both “Duke of Earl” and “Groovy Situation” dominated the charts in the U.S. in 1962.
  • Achieved the #1 spot in the UK for both hits in the same year (1962).
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Source – wgntv
  1. You Can’t Hurt Me No More
  2. Tomorrow’s Love
  3. Groovy Situation
  4. In My Body’s House
  5. What Now
  6. Get Down
  7. You Threw a Lucky Punch
  8. Duke of Earl
  9. Nothing Can Stop Me
  10. Rainbow ’80

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Where is Gene Chandler now?

Gene Chandler now resides in Chicago, Illinois.

What group did Gene Chandler sing with?

Gene Chandler sings with The Dukayas.

Who originally sang Duke of Earl?

Gene Chandler is the man behind the song Duke Of Earl in 1962.

Why is the song called Duke of Earl?

Because one of the band members was named Earl.

Who is Gene Chandler married to?

Gene is married to wife Lillie J. Kennard.

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