Unveiling Erica Cobb Net Worth, Wikipedia and Successful Media Career

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erica cobb net worth

Erica Cobb, one of the vivacious co-hosts of The Daily Blast Live, shares her life with her beloved husband, Anthony. The couple embarked on their journey of marital bliss in 2016, exchanging vows in a breathtaking beachside ceremony in Mexico.

Erica Cobb Net Worth & Career

Erica Cobb, a prominent American media personality, has graced the airwaves and screens of several notable programs over the years. Her journey includes appearances on the Eddie & Jobo show, Pyke at Night, Jobo & Erica Show, the Eddie and the BJ and Howie & Erica Show.

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Reportedly, Erica Cobb’s monthly income as a TV host is estimated to be approximately $55,000 per year. Erica Cobb net worth, although undisclosed in public records, undoubtedly reflects her remarkable success and prosperity.

Erica Cobb: Relationships/Husband

Erica Cobb, married to Anthony since 2016, consistently shares her affection for him through heartwarming Instagram photos.

On May 10, 2023, she shared an adorable moment from her husband’s 41st birthday celebration, reflecting her consistent sharing of cherished moments with him on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

Cobb is a devoted family woman who places her loved ones above verything, cherishing the time she spends with them and delighting in sharing these joyous moments on her social media accounts.

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The esteemed TV host was previously wedded to Mr. Jess Lehman before crossing paths with her current husband, Mr. Anthony.

In the year 2010, the couple made a memorable appearance on the television reality show “The Marriage Ref.” This appearance was driven by a marital disagreement regarding Mrs. Cobb’s choice to preserve her maiden name after their union. Sadly, the verdict did not swing in Mrs. Cobb’s favor, as the majority of the viewers leaned the other way. This experience marked the end of their union. However, when she encountered her life partner, Mr. Anthony, the winds of love once again graced her life, ushering in a beautiful chapter of love.

Erica Cobb: Socials

Erica Cobb: DOB

Erica Cobb, born in the year 1981 and marking her 42nd birthday in 2023, joyously commemorates her special day every 15th of February.

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Erica Cobb: Updates

Erica embraces the art of openness in sharing her personal life experiences with her online community. She also doesn’t like to get tired, freely unfurling her precious thoughts with Daily Blast Live with a bold caption; “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

On February 27th, Erica graced The 54th NAACP Image Awards with her presence, radiating grace and charm. With immense gratitude in her heart, she extended a heartfelt acknowledgement to her dedicated supporters who voted fervently and stood by her and her podcast, “Comeback: with Erica Cobb.” In her gracious message, she humbly expressed that this journey is merely the start of a greater endeavor. Her congratulatory message to the accomplished @levar.burton, who secured victory in their shared category, resonates with her genuine and gracious spirit.


What is Erica Cobb doing now?

Erica Cobb, a seasoned television host and astute social commentator, currently graces the screens as a co-host on Tegna’s “Daily Blast Live” or “DBL” for short.

What is Erica Cobb known for?

Erica Cobb is a television and morning radio host, adventurer, Best Life Enthusiast and Comeback Kid.

Who is Erica’s husband on Daily Blast live?

Anthony is Erica’s husband, and she loves to celebrate her hubby’s b’day on social media.

Does Erica Cobb live in Denver?

Yes, ten years ago, Erica Cobb relocated from Chicago to Denver.

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