Eric Persson Net Worth: A Philanthropic Force in the Business World

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eric persson net worth

Introduction to Eric Persson

Eric Persson, a major player in the realm of poker and the thrilling gambling industry, boasts a staggering Eric Persson net worth that mirrors his triumphant journey through these thrilling domains. Besides his role at NetEnt, Persson also holds the titles of Owner and CEO at Maverick Gaming, a company making remarkable strides in the ever-growing casino industry.

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Eric Persson Net Worth

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $500 million, primarily attributed to his ownership of shares in NetEnt, a company valued at over $2 billion.

According to estimates, Persson owns an interest in the business worth more than $400 million, making him a big player in the gambling and casino sector.

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With a market value of roughly $1 billion, his Maverick Gaming company hopes to grow to $5 billion over the next five years through strategic acquisitions, like the recently completed $80.5 million purchase of 4 card clubs in Washington state.

Maverick Gaming now possesses 31 gaming properties spread across Colorado, Washington, and Nevada.

Eric Persson Early Endeavors

Growing up in a quaint town, Eric Persson became deeply passionate for poker from a tender age. His formative years were spent honing his poker skills, first with social games with friends and eventually branching out into neighborhood events.

Before he started Maverick Gaming LLC, Persson worked different jobs in the casino world, learning the ropes. He started from the bottom and slowly climbed the ladder in the casino biz. This early experience gave him a deep understanding of the gaming world, which was super helpful when he later launched his own companies.

Eric Persson: Socials

Eric Persson: Sold Possessions

Even though there’s no news of Eric Persson cashing out his stakes in Maverick Gaming or NetEnt, it’s worth noting that savvy business folks usually spread their investments to lower risk and bloat profits. It’s a smart money move.

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Eric Persson: Philanthropic Ventures

Many big-shot business folks are into giving back, like the ones you see on Forbes’ list of super-generous peeps in the U.S. It’s a fair bet that Eric Persson, with his success and riches, has indirectly backed a bunch of good causes. Making the world a better place!

When the community pitches in for a good cause, they usually target things like ending poverty, making education better, and giving peeps in tough spots more chances.


Is Eric Persson a lawyer?

Yes, he did study at the Georgetown University Law Center, where he received his Juris Doctor in 2001.

Does Eric Persson own casinos?

Eric rose through the ranks at Las Vegas Sands Corp. from 2001 to 2017, eventually becoming Senior Vice President of Slot Marketing and Operations. After quitting, he started his own business, Maverick Gaming, which he has been running for six years. Currently, Eric is in charge of 26 casinos spread across Washington, Colorado, and Nevada.

Is Eric Persson good at poker?

He doesn’t participate in tournaments, but he has made and lost millions of dollars playing poker in live-streamed and televised cash games. This included falling short of Patrik Antonius in the largest-ever broadcast pot, which was close to $2 million.

Who owns Maverick Gaming Group?

Eric Persson, a seasoned member of the gaming industry, launched Maverick Gaming in 2017.

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