Does Candice Delong Have Cancer? Health, Wealth, and Success

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does candice delong have cancer

Introduction to Candice Delong

If you have a question like does Candice Delong have cancer, you’d be happy to learn that Candice DeLong, a resilient and healthy professional, remains in excellent health, continuing her work on TV shows. Candice DeLong, the former FBI criminal profiler, is currently the host of the crime investigation docu-series ‘Facing Evil with Candice DeLong’, ‘Deadly Women’. She’s still going strong in her television career.

Besides her remarkable FBI career, DeLong has established herself as a prominent figure in the media world. Her contributions to both fields, security and media, have earned her great recognition and respect.

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Does Candice Delong Have Cancer?

Candice DeLong continues to enjoy good health without any significant illness, allowing her to actively participate in her TV shows and investigative work. Her dedication to a unwavering healthy habits have contributed to her overall well-being, benefitting both her physical and mental health in addition to her successful career.

Candice Delong: Net Worth

Candice DeLong, known as the ‘Queen of Investigations,’ has accumulated a substantial net worth of approximately $3 million, primarily through her television career. In addition to her TV work, she is the author of the book “Special Agent: My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI,” which she penned after retiring from the FBI in 2000.

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Candice DeLong’s accomplishments go beyond her net worth. She co-authored her book with her son Seth, demonstrating her dedication to both family and career. Over the years, she has garnered fame, respect, and love from those who admire her work and character.

Candice held the distinguished position of the chief profiler in San Francisco, actively contributing to the resolution of the Unabomber case and lending her expertise to the resolution of multiple criminal investigations.

Candice Delong: Socials

Candice Delong: Marital Status

Candice DeLong’s marriage to her former husband, John Raymond DeLong, ended in divorce at a young age, but her career and role as a mother have been highly successful.

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Candice Delong: Age & Career

Candice DeLong was born on July 16, 1950, in Chicago, Illinois, making her 73 years old as of 2023. From a young age, her father encouraged her to pursue a practical career. She initially worked as a psychiatric nurse at Northwestern University Hospital until the age of twenty-eight. At that point, she was a divorcee with a small kid and was in search of a new career path.

Upon her enrollment at the FBI training academy, she distinguished herself as one of merely seven female recruits.

Subsequently, her journey in the annals of success unfurled as a direct result of her unwavering dedication to the meticulous scrutiny of crime scenes.


What is Candice DeLong doing now?

Presently, she serves as the host of the podcast “Killer Psyche,” wherein she delves into the psychological workings of perpetrators and imparts her insights on various cases.

How long was Candice DeLong in the FBI?

She has started a new phase in her life after 20 years on the front lines of high-profile FBI cases, producing the famous true crime podcast KILLER PSYCHE with Candice DeLong.

Who is Candice DeLong married to?

She was previously married to John Raymond DeLong, but they divorced when she was 28 years old, and she is now single.

What famous cases did Candice DeLong play in?

Throughout her twenty-year FBI career, she was regularly at the center of some of the agency’s most notable crimes, such as the Tylenol killings and the Unabomber case.

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