Disco Dean Stinky Pinky Net worth, Wife: The Fast and Furious Rise of a Drag Racing Legend

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disco dean stinky pinky net worth

Introduction to Disco Dean Stinky Pinky

Drag racing has always been a ripper of a time, especially when Disco Dean, that legend from Street Outlaws, revs up the crowd. He’s the bloke with the Stinky Pinky car, and you can spot it from a mile away with that snazzy pink paint job and his unmistakable style.

Yeah, mate, don’t be fooled by the pink paint – Disco Dean’s a naturally tough nut, and beating him isn’t easy. So, buckle up as we dive deeper into the legend himself and all the epic stuff he’s achieved. We’ll cover everything from where his nickname comes from to his career, Disco Dean Stinky Pinky Net worth, cars, and the whole shebang.

Disco Dean Stinky Pinky Net Worth

You see, racing isn’t just about having a blast; it’s also a golden ticket to raking in some serious moolah. And Disco Dean knows that all too well – he’s pocketed some hefty prize money by winning championships.

Disco Dean’s got quite the collection of victories under his belt. He snagged the top spot in the 2016 spring fling and the 2015 winter series, cashing in a cool $12,000 and $20,000.

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Disco Dean’s got the cash flow going on! In 2023, his net worth hit a cool $2.2 million.

He’s not just a speed demon on the track; he’s also a savvy businessman. Dean has a thriving commercial window tinting business called Tint King, making him a true entrepreneur in Fairborn, Ohio.

Tint King is here to stay! With over 27 years in the game, they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Keep those windows tinted, Fairborn!

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Disco Dean: Career Information

Disco Dean may be new to Street Outlaws, but he’s no rookie on the racetrack! His drag racing journey started in 2002, and he’s been tearing up the streets ever since.

Disco Dean’s passion for drag racing runs in the family! His dad, who shares the same enthusiasm, taught him the ins and outs of the sport. After losing his best friend, Gabe Torch, their racing partnerships became a meaningful way to bond and honor their friend’s memory.

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His professional debut at American Outlaws Live in Texas catapulted his career, but the real highlight was going head-to-head with the famous Big Chief from Street Outlaws.

Disco Dean’s journey to fame was quite a ride! Before he became a household name on Street Outlaws, he had a passion for RC car racing and even dominated the Lowrider World Championship in hydraulics, winning it three times. Only after that, he decided to switch gears and dive into the world of drag racing.

Disco Dean: Socials

Disco Dean Automobiles

Disco Dean’s got a sweet collection of cars contributing to his impressive net worth. From the Shirley Muldowney 1980 Special dragster to his beloved Stinky Pinky, Candy Crush and The Pink Taco, these high-performance machines are more than just vehicles—they’re his prized possessions.


Disco Dean, the ultimate top dog, climbed the ranks and fearlessly challenged the street racing elite. Disco Dean Stinky Pinky Net Worth is $2 Million!


What happened to Stinky Pinky?

Disco Dean’s heartbreak: Stinky Pinky met its demise when he lost control at the Mountain Park Dragway race in Clay City, Kentucky, in April 2017.

How old is Disco Dean?

He’s in his early 30s as of 2023. His exact DOB is undisclosed.

Disco Dean is from where?

Disco Dean is from Fairborn, Ohio.

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