Dion Graham Net Worth 2024: From The Wire to Wealth

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dion graham net worth

Dion Graham stands out in the realm of entertainment as an accomplished voice artist, narrator and actor. With a career spanning both television and film, Graham has made significant contributions, earning accolades and recognition for his diverse talents. In this article, let’s know all the details about him including his both private and professional life.

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Dion Graham Net Worth Mysteries

Dion’s financial standing, however, remains a bit of a mystery. Reports suggest Dion Graham net worth ranging from $1.3 Million to $750 thousand as of December 2023. Regardless of the figures, his success extends beyond acting. Besides his thriving acting career, Dion Graham is a successful singer, adding another dimension to his multifaceted talent.

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Dion Graham: Brief Bio

Dion was born in New York City. Dion pursued his education at the Mason Gross School of Arts, New Brunswick, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts. His wife is Tina, and the couple share two children together. He currently resides with his family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Dion Graham: Salary & Awards

In the realm of voice acting, Dion Graham has garnered several awards, adding to his list of achievements. His work in television shows like The Wire and An and E’s The First 48 showcases his versatility. The honors include 4 Audie Awards, the AudioFile Earphones Award, and recognition from Publishers Weekly, solidifying his standing as a notable voice artist.

His voice acting endeavors, reportedly earning between $250 and $200 per hour, contribute significantly to his overall income.

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Dion’s journey into the world of acting remains somewhat elusive regarding his debut, yet his rise to stardom has been rapid. Best known for his role as Attorney Rupert Bond in the HBO TV show, The Wire, Graham showcased his acting prowess alongside seasoned performers like Wendell Pierce. His filmography extends to the 2013 comedy-drama adventure The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, where he shared the screen with industry heavyweights Sean Penn, Kristen Wiig, and Ben Stiller. Beyond these, he has left his mark in movies like Malcolm X and Homicide: Life on the Street.

Dion Graham: Voice Acting Career

Transitioning seamlessly into the role of a narrator, Dion Graham has lent his distinctive voice to various TV shows, including The First 48 and its spinoffs like The First 48: Kill or Be Killed and The First 48: Miraculous Survivors. His narration skills also graced productions such as American Experience and Culture Shock in 2000.

‘AudioFile’ Magazine’s Best Audiobooks of 2023 list Dion Graham’s outstanding voice acting.

The bimonthly publication, which examines and analyzes audiobooks, has announced their 2023 list of the Best Audiobooks.


How much does Dion Graham get paid?

Dion gets a salary ranging between $200 to $250 per hour.

Who is Dion Graham?

Dion is a black American voice actor and screenplay actor. He recently joined AudioFile. From the lawyerly charm of Rupert Bond to the captivating narrations that have earned him awards, Graham continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

How old is Dion Graham?

According to unverified sources Dion was born in 1990, but that’s not true. In the year 1988 he voiced in 3 episodes of American Experience. His exact date of birth is not publicly disclosed but he may have been born in the late 1960’s.

Is Dion Graham in Hamilton ?

No, the cast of Hamilton (2020) doesn’t contain the name of Dion.

Who is The First 48 narrator?

According to a viral reel on Instagram, everyone thought The First 48’s narrator is to be some white dude but it’s none other than Dion Graham. We aren’t being any stereotype; we just tell you what folks talk about!

Who plays Rupert Bond?

Dion Graham plays the state’s Attorney Rupert Bond.

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