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devon levesque net worth

Devon Levesque has amassed an extraordinary net worth through his roles as a thriving entrepreneur, investor, athlete, and keynote speaker. As the founder of the DML Group, he has strategically utilized his expertise to emerge as a revered business leader. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Devon serves as an investor and strategic advisor for ARENA, contributing significantly to his financial success. With diverse professional activities, Devon Levesque’s net worth is estimated to soar into the millions, reflecting his remarkable achievements.

Embark on a journey through life with Devon Levesque, the trailblazing entrepreneur and adventurer, by joining his Instagram community (@devonlevesque). With a massive following of 927K, Devon, also known as Devon M Lévesque, invites you to live life for a living through his platform. As the founder of The DML Group, he’s a force in business, and his bio proudly highlights his incredible feat as the first human to bear crawl a marathon. Chillingly cool as the Co-Founder of @promix and @alldayrunningco, Devon is more than just a businessman; he’s a community builder (@dmlgrowth) with a passion for creating connections.

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Devon Levesque Net Worth Overview

  • Total Wealth 2024: $5 Million
  • Yearly Income: $250k
  • Monthly Income: $21k
  • Daily Income: $700
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Devon Levesque: Professional Initiation

  • Serial philanthropist and entrepreneur.
  • 8-year tenure in the nightlife and restaurant industry.

Devon Levesque: Health Program Pioneer

  • Specialized meal programs for customers.
  • Bridging health and restaurant regimens.

Mindset in Fitness

  • Identifying void in fitness and health.
  • Prioritizing positive mindset and energy.

Devon Levesque: Social Media

Devon Levesque: Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Founder of The DML Group.
  • Investment in growth-stage companies.

Devon Levesque: Digital Marketing Authority

  • Creator & Company founder.
  • Fostering brand-talent partnerships.

Devon Levesque: Holistic Health Advocate

  • Family background in professional weightlifting.
  • Active awareness for mental health.

Devon Levesque: World-Record Achiever

  • Raises funds for mental health.
  • 2020 bear crawl marathon record.

Devon Levesque: Global Challenge Pursuit

  • 18-month, continent-summiting challenge.
  • Commenced December ’21.
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Devon Levesque: Summary

Real NameDevon Levesque
ProfessionInvestor, Athlete, Keynote Speaker, CPG Brand Advisor, Marketing and Founder at The DML Group
Age32 Years
Weight81 kg
RelationshipLynn Hazan

Devon Levesque: Career Overview

  • Athlete, Investor, Keynote Speaker.
  • Strategic advisor at ARENA.
  • Founder of The DML Group.
  • Impactful investor at Three Wishes.
  • Venture capital influence at ARENA.
  • Raises funds for mental health.

Devon Levesque: Education Qualification

Devon Levesque: Family And Childhood

  • Supportive upbringing in a small town.
  • Strong work ethic instilled by parents.
  • Childhood filled with sports, entrepreneurship and passion.
  • Actively involved in the local community.

Devon Levesque: Married

  • Married to Lynn Hazan for over a decade now.
  • Supportive and strong relationship.
  • Shared experiences through thin and thick.

Devon Levesque: The DML Group Net Worth

  • Leader in the Wellness and Fitness Services industry.
  • Over seven years of industry experience.
  • Net worth: $24 million (2024).
  • Growth through tech investments and popular service.


Who is Devon Levesque?

Devon Levesque is the founder of The DML Group, philanthropist, entrepreneur and health enthusiast.

How old is Devon Levesque?

As of 2024, Devon is 21 years old.

How did Devon Levesque make his money ?

As the founder of DML Holdings, a collection of disruptor brands in the wellness sector, Devon Levesque oversees a diverse portfolio. Among these are prominent companies such as PromixNutrition, Gymshark, Playbook, and Arena.

How much does Devon Levesque weigh?

He weighs 180 lbs.(81kg)

How tall is Devon Levesque?

Devon is 177 cm tall. (5 ft 10 inches)

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