Detective Conan Chapter 1126 Release Date, Spoiler, Raw Scans

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Detective Conan Chapter 1126 Release Date

Detective Conan has won hearts for its interesting characters. If you like to read reverse isekai or isekai manga, then you’d love to know more about Detective Conan Chapter 1126 release date. Gosho Ayoma is a popular Japanese manga artist who has creatively done the beautiful job of this creation called Detective Conan.

In today’s post, we are all about giving you info on K-manhwa and manga Detective Conan Chapter 1126 release date, potential spoilers, plots and all the details we learnt so far.

Detective Conan Chapter 1126 Release Date

It’s no doubt that manga-heads across the globe have been waiting for Detect Conan Chapter 1126 release date, which is on April 10, 2024. 

Manga-enjoyers now can find themselves indulged in an English translation of this awaited chapter. 

Detective Conan Chapter 1126 Spoiler

ATTENTION SQUAD! Do you literally want to know the spoilers? Well, check it at your own risk. We have the spoilers. 

Detective Conan Chapter 1126 is up for pre-order, and you know the drill—spoilers usually leak a few days before it drops. But watch out, ’cause those spoilers might not always spill the tea accurately, and that could totally ruin the reading vibes.

In the next chapter, Toshiro Odagiri turns up dead, and fingers are pointing at his squad for the deed. Conan links up with Heiji Hattori and Kazuha Toyama to dig deeper. Suspicion falls heavy on Yoko Okino, tied to the victim and some past drama.

The plot thickens with a locked door puzzle, and guess who’s behind it all? Yep, Kogoro Mouri gets exposed. Meanwhile, Kazuha Toyama and Ran Mouri get mysterious calls, unaware they’re being scoped out by a Black Organization member. Wild, right?  

Detective Conan Chapter 1126 English Raw Scans Release Date

The English Raw Scan for Detective Conan Chapter 1126 release date has been finalized for April 07, 2024. Fans literally can’t just stop making buzz about the big news. Bright detective Conan is someone fans look up for.

Detective Conan Chapter 1126 promises that this chapter should  look like it will have even more excitement, mystery, and tension as Conan and the manga readers want more of a lateral thinking to solve difficult cases. Keep your eyes peeled  for the Detective Conan Chapter 1126 release date because fans’ excitement is the proof that something big is going to happen!

Detective Conan Chapter 1125 Recap

In episode 1125 of “Detective Conan,” a mysterious cat named Torakage steals the spotlight, helping crack the case wide open. The intrigue kicks off with a paper bird, setting off a wild chase and some major plot twists. Things get even crazier with a clever plot involving the kidnapper and the housekeeper, pulling readers deeper into the mystery. As clues unravel, the tension skyrockets, ending with a bang that leaves everyone craving more. Can’t wait to see what twists and turns the next episodes bring! 

Stay tuned for more!


When is Detective Conan Chapter 1126 English Spoiler expected to be released?

The English spoiler is expected to be released on April 07, 2024.

Where can fans read Detective Conan manga online for free?

Fans can read Detective Conan manga online for free at websites like comikey and

Why should people read Detective Conan manga?

People should read Detective Conan manga for its intriguing mysteries, deeper plot development, and insights into the main character’s thought process.

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