Desharow Merman Chapter 40 Release Date, Recap & Spoiler

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Desharow Merman Chapter 40 Release Date

Desharow Merman chapter 40 undoubtedly is going to be an amazing continuation of the captivating series.

Desharow Merman Chapter 40 release date has been fixed on February 16, 2024. This thoroughly anticipated chapter promises to bring even more joy and unexpected melodrama to the story. In this post, we want to cover every detail that you all are craving for. From raw scans availability to release date, recap and spoiler we cover everything. Get yourself covered with more manhwa, manga-related updates and Desharow Merman Chapter 40 release date.

Desharow Merman Chapter 40 Release Date

Desharow Merman Manhwa heads, we have exciting offerings  for you. We literally understand your emotions that you all are waiting for its release. Do you know why? Because we also want to know what next is in chapter 40. Desharow Merman Chapter 40 release date is on February 16, 2024. So wait for a few days maybe, and then boom! You know what happens in chapter 40. 

Desharow Merman Chapter 40 Spoiler

Honestly for now, we also need to recall and analyze the 39th chapter and seek some leaks regarding the upcoming chapter 40. If we manage to get it , then we will of course try to update the spoilers on our website. Till then,  you may want to use your detective skills to predict what’s next by revising the recap. 

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Desharow Merman Chapter 39 Recap

Desharow met a situation that he never thought of when he wanted to pursue his mermaid studies. This single-handedly led him to the mysterious Agaras. The encounter bothered his regular lifestyle, leaving him intertwined in a mess that he couldn’t just run away.

Despite all the commotion, dear readers, the crew worked tirelessly to fix their ship after those pesky eels did their mischief. Bless Rhein’s heart, discreetly offering Desharow a weapon for protection. As they neared Lemegeton, that enchanting isle of mermaids, Desharow couldn’t help but reminisce about Agaras, bless his soul. They hoped to slip in unnoticed, spurred on by tales of mermaid treasures. But, darlings, doubts crept in as the island appeared so eerily empty, like a giant fish skeleton.

Miss Shaaral assured them of unimaginable rewards. And Desharow? Bless his soul, pondering the mysteries of the mermaids and their treasure. But, oh my sweethearts, tension grew as those mermaids drew near, their sharp senses causing quite a stir. And Desharow? Bless his heart, wondering if Agaras might be among them, adding yet more layers to their treasure hunt.

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Manhwa Desharow Merman Chapter 40 release date is something Korea manhwa enjoyers are looking for. You can find and read this famous manhwa unofficially on You can read this manhwa easily on It’s totally free for everyone to read online. Except for, there are so many websites to read this chapter on the internet.

About Desharow Merman Chapter Manhwa

Desharow, a fourth-year biology student at the St. Petersburg Naval Academy, encountered a baffling mermaid adorned with black scales near Iceland during a research excursion with his mentor, Rhein. Immersed in his scholarly endeavors, Desharow found himself captivated by the enchanting and formidable creature, oblivious to the fact that he had already become ensnared by the mermaid’s allure. 

Stay tuned to us for Desharow Merman Chapter 40 release date, Desharow Merman Chapter 40 spoilers and updates on Desharow Merman Chapter 40 official raw scans.


When can we expect the release of spoiler and raw scans for Desharow Merman Chapter 40?

Based on the usual pattern, spoiler and raw scan releases typically occur 3–4 days before the official release date. Since Chapter 40 is scheduled for release on February 16, 2024, we anticipate the spoiler and raw scan release to be around February 13, 2024. 

How does Desharow’s encounter with Agaras impact his pursuit of mermaid studies?

Desharow’s unexpected meeting with Agaras throws his plans into disarray, adding layers of complexity to his quest for mermaid studies and the elusive treasures rumored to be hidden on Lemegeton Island.

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