Derek Wachob Net Worth: Crafting Wealth in Steel and Oil

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derek wachob net worth

Derek Wachob founded Paragon Industries Sales Co., LLC. He is the creator of four other businesses that are now operating and expanding rapidly. Paragon Industries manufactures steel pipes and tubing, which are utilized as structural steel by the oil and construction sectors. In 2024, the privately held corporation will have a net value of $1.24 billion. Jack Wachob, who demised in 2021, created it in 1970. Many people are interested in learning about Derek Wachob’s net worth and how he manages to generate so much money. This article will delve into the financial success of Derek Wachob.

Derek Wachob Net Worth

CEO and founder of Paragon Industries is a multi-skilled entrepreneur who co-founded seven businesses. While the remaining four of his enterprises are still operating, three of them are currently dormant. As of the year 2024, Derek Wachob net worth is projected to reach approximately $10 million.

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Derek Wachob: Experiences and Credentials

Derek Wachob was born on October 4, 1972, and is currently 52 years old. His parents are Linda and Jack Wachob. In addition, they managed Paragon Industries as entrepreneurs. Jack bought Sapulpa Machine & Tool, a drilling constructor service company, with his wife Linda. He quickly grew his company to include a number of oil-related businesses that are now well-known as Paragon Industries. Mr. Jack served as Paragon Industries’ previous president. Since 1982, Derek Wachob has been the proprietor and founder of Paragon Industries.

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Parents, Derek Wachob

Family is important to Derek Wachob. Being raised in an entrepreneurial household, he was impacted by his parents, Jack and Linda Wachob. Derek Wachob is devoted to his loved ones and cherishes his family. Derek is not just a successful businessman; he also has a good education. He works for a corporation and has a degree from a university.

Derek Wachob: Professional Journey

Derek Wachob is a co-founder of seven businesses, including the well-known global brand Paragon Industries. These industries produce steel and tubes used in the engineering sector. The business is well-established and has achieved numerous landmarks along the way to success. The gas and oil industries are the company’s primary focus. Derek Wachob owns the company, and it has a market value of $1.24 billion.

The businesses that Derek Wachob now runs are:

Paragon Industries Sales Co., LLC

Paragon South, LLC; The Olympia of Destin, LLC

Peerless Tube, LLC

Derek Wachob: Endorsement and skills

Derek Wachob inherited his talent from his family. He comes from a line of business owners. The company employs between 201 and 500 people. The company operates between 201 and 500 people. Listed as one of the best firms in America, Paragon Industries Inc. has numerous rivals.


How old is Derek Wachob?

Derek Wachob is 51 years old.

Is Derek Wachob married?

Yes, Derek Wachob is married.

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