Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans & Recap

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 Release Date

Follow the article to know Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 Release Date. In the latest installment, crafted by the brilliant mind of Tatsuki Fujimoto, the boundaries of supernatural chaos are pushed further, leaving readers excited for the upcoming chapter.

As our protagonist, Denji navigates a world filled with demonic threats and unexpected alliances, Chapter 152 promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations. Join us in this article as we reveal the key moments, release dates, and some important facts that make Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 an exciting entry in this manga series. Beware, as we are about to disclose some Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 spoilers as well. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 Release Date

The publishing schedule for the last several chapters has been a little erratic. There has been a gap of two weeks; however, this can sometimes be decreased to only one. But because it’s the holidays, the next break will be longer than usual. Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 will be released in Japan on Wednesday, January 10, 2023, at midnight JST, following a few-week hiatus. According to Eastern Standard Time, Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 will be released at 10:00 AM (January 9, 2023) EST. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 Release Date: Raw Scans

Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 Raw scans will be released a few days before the release date. Thus, it means there are a lot of days fans need to wait to get the raw scans. It will probably be released on January 5, 2023. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 Release Date: Spoiler 

In Chapter 152, a new protagonist, Asa Mitaka, will be there. She makes a pact with Yoru, the War Devil, in an attempt to survive, which requires her to destroy Chainsaw Man.

The main focus of the current storyline is the Chainsaw Man Church, which is mainly made up of young people who worship Chainsaw Man and embark on demon hunts in his honor. Asa is the group’s poster girl in addition to being a member of it. When she fights devils and saves people, her power has increased to unprecedented heights, occasionally surpassing even that of Chainsaw Man.

Asa battles devils and attracts attention, while Denji tries to live a typical existence. The Church implores him to intervene, while the public safety demon hunters encourage him to keep a low profile. Once more, Denji gets caught up in a predicament where people are trying to dictate how he lives.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 151 Recap

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 151, Fumiko is captured by Miki and the Spear Hybrid, which makes her immobilised. Miki argues that their acts are necessary to save the planet, while Denji calls them monsters. Denji believes he is crazy, especially when Miki says everything they do is connected to stopping Nostradamus’s prophesy. He’s even made fun of by the Whip Hybrid for having such beliefs.

Nayuta fires one of Barem’s chains in an attempt to neutralize her, but it doesn’t work. In response, Barem grabs her by the throat and threatens Denji. Nayuta argues that Makima could vanquish the Death Devil and implies that Denji’s current situation stems from his laziness during the period of quiet enforced by Public Safety.

Using her power over a neighboring Public Safety Officer, Nayuta frees herself from Barem’s grasp and shoots him once again, infuriating Denji to the point that he jumps for the trigger to transform into a chainsaw man. But before he can draw the trigger once more and become Chainsaw Man, Denji is reminded of Pochita.


Where can I read Chainsaw Man Chapter 152?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 will be available for free reading for a short while—as long as the following three chapters are published—on a number of digital platforms, including the well-known ones Viz Media and Manga Plus.

When is the scheduled release date for Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 in Eastern Time?

According to Eastern Standard Time, Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 will be released at 10:00 AM (January 9, 2023) EST.

When and where will I find Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 raw scans?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 will probably be released on January 5, 2023.  

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