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bubba dub net worth

Meet Jerry Morgan, the comedic sensation widely known as Bubba Dub. With a staggering 949K followers on Instagram (username: @bubbadub94) and 298K subscribers on YouTube, Bubba Dub has mastered the art of laughter. As the curator of TRASHH videos, he brings humor to the forefront, leaving audiences in stitches. With a whopping 66,144,856 views on YouTube across 940 videos, Bubba Dub’s comedic empire is unstoppable since he joined the scene on Jul 2, 2016. Don’t miss the chance to catch this hilarious entertainer live – check out his upcoming shows at https://hoo.be/bubbadub94. Get ready to laugh out loud with Bubba Dub, where comedy meets entertainment!

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Bubba Dub Net Worth

Adding to his comedic brilliance, Bubba Dub’s financial success is no joke. As of January 12, 2024, his YouTube channel boasts Bubba Dub net worth of $425,740. Breaking it down, that’s an impressive $265 daily, $1,862 weekly, $8,067 monthly, and a whopping $96,803 yearly. Beyond the laughter, Bubba Dub is making strides in the comedy world, both in terms of humor and financial achievement.

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Bubba Dub Background

Birthplace: Born and raised in Alto, Texas, with a small-town upbringing.

Start in Comedy: Bubba Dub, originally Jerry Morgan, began his comedy career in 2017, gaining a presence on Facebook and YouTube.

Career Boost: Rapper 50 Cent’s endorsement of his ‘Snitchin on Rogers’ skit on Pop Smoke’s album propelled Bubba Dub into the spotlight.

Bubba Dub Social Media

Bubba Dub Career Highlights

Stand-Up Comedy: Started stand-up in 2018, gaining popularity with an appearance at the Dallas Texas Improv.

Crossover Success: Expanded from social media comedy to live performances, headlining shows across the United States.

TV Appearances: Featured as a special guest on MTV’s Ridiculousness.

Music Cameo: Made a cameo appearance on Pop Smoke’s album ‘Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon’ on Track 8 titled ‘Snitching’ featuring Quavo & Future.

Bubba Dub Influence And Style

Inspirations: Inspired by comedy greats like Richard Pryor and Bernie Mac. Beyond comedy, he’s actively pursuing roles in Hollywood, with upcoming film projects.

Trademark Content: Known for his “TRASHH” & “Rollin Ova In Their Grave” comedy content, shared by sports analysts like Dwyane Wade, Shaq, Shannon Sharpe, Stephen A Smith and Marcus Spears.

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Bubba Dub Entrepreneurial Ventures

Bubba Dub Entertainment (BDE): Growing his company to prepare and groom comedians, providing guidance in performance and material.

Trashh Tour: On a 20-city tour, headlining with fellow comedians Jerrell Braswell, Eddie Green, and Brandon Play Too.

Bubba Dub Notable Recognition

Celebrity Endorsements: Acknowledged by celebrities like Shaq, Dwyane Wade, Stephen A Smith, Shannon Sharpe, and Marcus Spears.

Sold-Out Tours: Successful headlining of shows, Laugh Factory , selling out Improv, Funnybone and Helium comedy clubs.

Bubba Dub Recent Contributions

Music Cameo: Featured in Pop Smoke’s album, leaving a mark on ‘Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon‘.

Ongoing Pursuits: Actively securing movie roles and exploring acting opportunities.

In summary, Bubba Dub’s journey from a small-town start to becoming a recognized comedian and entertainer reflects his diverse talents and commitment to the world of comedy and entertainment.


Is Bubba Dub related to Tracy Morgan?

No, they are not related by any means.

Where is Bubba Dub from?

Bubba Dub is from Alto, eastern Texas.

How old is Bubba Dub?

According to what he said to a fan on Twitch, he must be 37 years old as of 2024.

Who is Bubba Dub?

Bubba Dub is a popular comedian and he’s best known for his ‘Snitching on Rogers’ skits

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