Bryann Trejo Net Worth: Saving Souls Through Music and Faith

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bryann trejo net worth

Bryann Trejo: Introduction

Before jumping to Bryann Trejo net worth, you want to know that Bryann Trejo’s YouTube channel features videos in categories such as Society, Hip hop music, and Music.

His music conveys a deep urgency and passion to rescue lost souls from the harsh streets and lead them to Christ’s evergreen kindness and forgiveness.  

“I simply aim to save souls. I’m not here for record labels, YouTube views, or social media stardom. If the music can bring souls to Christ, then count me in,” Bryann passionately expresses on CUTV. “God revealed to me that I just need to stick to the scripture. I don’t aspire to be a rapper; I aspire to be a minister of the gospel while utilizing my talent. My goal is to exemplify God’s power, joy, and peace. I believe God works through music.”

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Bryann Trejo Net Worth

Bryann T is an American YouTuber with a channel boasting over 461,000 subscribers. The channel was created 12 years ago and features 757 uploaded videos. Many of his popular videos have garnered around 6.4 million views. As of January 21, 2024, the estimated net worth of Bryann T’s YouTube channel is $1,479,542 (out of which $143,280.00 are through YouTube ads, as of Social Blade and remaining through sponsorships and events).

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Bryann Trejo: Salary & Earning

During this period, Bryann T’s YouTube channel had daily views ranging from a low of 64.12K to a high of 250.56K with a hike of +99,418 from previous month. In terms of earnings, the statistics show that on January 17th, he earned around $258 on January 18th, it was $325, and on January 19th, it was $296.

The forecast for Bryann T’s net worth for January 2024 is estimated to be $11,940.00 as per Social Blade sources. Please note that these are projections and actual earnings may vary.

Bryann Trejo: Early Life & Career

Bryann T serves as a pastor at Rise Church in Abilene, and his work with Kingdom Music Family is more of an outreach effort rather than a traditional label. Despite this, his music has achieved chart rankings on Billboard.

Bryann Trejo, a former inmate with a history, found himself facing the temptation of a brutal, swift revenge when his twin brother fell victim to a gangland shooting.

Forgiving wasn’t easy for Bryann; he grappled with deep bitterness and pain in his heart. The memory of his brother’s death haunts him daily. Yet, he firmly believes that seeking revenge wouldn’t resurrect his brother. Instead, he’s chosen to walk the path of Christ and live a life of forgiveness.

And now Bryann, the leader of the Kingdom Music Family in Abilene, Texas, has seen his music rise to prominence in CHH. His twin, Ryan, often features in Bryann Trejo’s hip hop tracks.

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Bryann Trejo: Socials

Bryann Trejo: Marital Status & Kids

Bryann Trejo is married and has two beautiful kids. Bryann overcame his unforgiveness as well as his womanizing, drug usage, and other obstacles.

“I haven’t used drugs again. He declares, “I’m still wed to my wife, my children are learning about Christ as they grow up. It’s lovely to walk in his ways.”


Is Bryann Trejo a pastor?

Brother/Pastor One of two identical twins, Bryann Trejo was born on July 4th, 1980 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

How do I contact Bryann Trejo?

You can contact him on his Instagram or directly call him at 702-300-6781.

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