Brett Podolsky Net Worth: Man Behind Your Dog’s Amazing Meal

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brett podolsky net worth

This year’s top Super Bowl ad spotlighted the four-legged residents of New York, courtesy of The Farmer’s Dog, a premium pet food company nestled in Greenwich Village. The commercial claimed the coveted first place in USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter, where the public rates ads on a scale from 1 to 10.

Meet the force behind the scenes, Brett Podolsky, with the Instagram handle @brettpodo. With 16.1K followers, Brett’s private account showcases glimpses of his joyous married life, featuring his beautiful wife and child. As a firm believer in doing good things for our furry companions, Brett Podolsky stands at the forefront of The Farmer’s Dog’s mission to provide top-notch nutrition for our beloved pets.

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Brett Podolsky Net Worth, Philanthropy And Salary

Financial Overview:

YearBrett Podolsky Net WorthIncrease Rate
2019$2 MillionN/A
2020$3 Million50%
2021$3.8 Million26.66%
2022$5 Million31.57%
2023$5.8 Million45.67%


  • Actively supports so many animal welfare organizations.

Income Details:

  • Daily Income: 694 USD
  • Monthly Income: 20.8k USD
  • Yearly Income: 250k USD
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Brett Podolsky: The Farmer’s Dog (TFD)

Dive into the heartwarming world of Brett Podolsky, The Farmer’s Dog advocate, on Instagram (@thefarmersdog). With 340K followers, Brett shares 1,251 posts dedicated to the furry friends we cherish. The Farmer’s Dog, where Brett serves as a beacon, stands for a shared mission: being there for the dogs. Follow their journey and join the community that celebrates the joy and longevity of our beloved canine companions. Explore goodies and more at

Brett Podolsky: Social Media

Brett Podolsky: Background

  • Co-founder of The Farmer’s Dog, a company delivering made-to-order and fresh dog food.
  • A dog enthusiast inspired by his own furry friend, Scout.

Brett Podolsky: Company Mission

  • Mission to provide convenient and easy access to nutritious and wholesomely fresh dog food.


  • The Farmer’s Dog serves customers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Freshly cooked meals in their own kitchen.
  • Ingredients sourced from selected suppliers and farms.
  • Weekly delivery of individually portioned high quality dog meals.


  • Scout’s digestive issues and allergies motivated Podolsky to make a healthier and lighter dog food option.
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Brett Podolsky: Career And Experience

Brett Podolsky is the Co-Founder of The Farmer’s Dog, leading the company since August 2014. With a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Lynn University, he has diverse skills endorsed by colleagues, ranging from mortgage banking, USDA, loans, FHA, and social networking to PowerPoint, public speaking, investments, and strategic planning. Brett excels in various fields, including residential mortgages, event planning, VA loans, social media, and loan origination, accumulating numerous endorsements throughout his career.


Who is Brett Podolsky?

Former State of Texas prosecutor Brett A. Podolsky practices criminal defense law in Houston. He now supplies dog food.

What is Farmers dog company worth?

According to the latest corporate charters from the Prime Unicorn Index, the pet-friendly powerhouse is soaring high with a valuation of around $2.7 billion as of January 2024. Major kudos to their impressive funding journey, raking in over $150 million from big names like Forerunner Ventures, Insight Partners, and Shasta Ventures.

How old is Brett Podolsky?

Brett was 28 years old in 2017 according to Forbes so as of 2024 he’s 35 years old.

Who created the farmer’s dog?

The Farmer’s Dog was created by Brett Podolsky and Jonathan Regev in 2015.

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