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brent scarbrough net worth

Born into a lineage of builders, Brent Scarbrough diligently crafted his own legacy in the construction realm. The narrative weaves together a tapestry of individual tenacity and family tradition, tracing his journey from a disciplined youth to a revered figure in the construction industry. Currently serving as the President of Brent Scarbrough & Company Inc., he spearheads endeavors in site development and wetlands restoration.

Brent Scarbrough Net Worth, Height & Weight

As of 2024 Brent Scarbrough net worth is believed to be $251 million. He is 170cm (5 ft 7 in) tall and has a body weight of 89 kg (196lbs).

Brent Scarbrough: Early Life & Becoming President of His Company

Brent Scarbrough’s life unfolds like a captivating storybook, immersed in the world of construction from an early age. Raised in a family steeped in construction wisdom, Scarbrough evolved into a master builder and savvy entrepreneur. His journey commenced as a disciplined and passionate youth, where hard work seamlessly intertwined with academic excellence. Progressing from a dedicated worker, Scarbrough ascended to the pinnacle of leadership, now serving as the President of Brent Scarbrough & Company Inc.

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Brent Scarbrough: Quick Bio

Full NameBrent Scarbrough
Popular asBrent
Year of Birth1967
Age57 Years (2024)
Profession(s)Construction Business
Religious viewsChristianity

Brent Scarbrough: Social Media

Brent Scarbrough: Journey

Brent Scarbrough Family Roots

  • Construction heritage.
  • Childhood in hard work.

Brent Scarbrough Passion Discipline

  • Inherent love for construction.
  • Childhood discipline reflected.

Brent Scarbrough: Education

  • Southern Polytech graduate.
  • Balancing theory and practice.
  • Master’s Excellence
  • Pursuit of deep understanding.
  • Academic success showcased.

Brent Scarbrough: Laborer to Entrepreneur

  • Real-world + academic blend.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit displayed.

Brent Scarbrough: Career Progress in 5 Steps

  1. Meteoric rise through ranks.
  2. Lessons learned, skills honed.
  3. Company Establishment
  4. Founding Scarbrough & Co.
  5. Bold mark on construction.

Brent Scarbrough: Leadership Innovation

  • Fusion of innovation, excellence.
  • Challenging construction norms.

Brent Scarbrough: Family Core Support

  • Wife Jenny and family priority.
  • Collective success journey.
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Brent Scarbrough: Impact Integrity

  • Beyond financial metrics.
  • Advocacy for honesty, integrity.

Legacy Vision

  • Transformational construction narrative.
  • Imprint visible in buildings.

Growth Innovation

  • Embracing industry evolution.
  • Setting consistent benchmarks.

Brent Scarbrough: Objectives

What can other CEOs do to win such great admiration from their stakeholders?

  • Maintain a focus on customer relationships daily.
  • Value employees and prioritize long-term sustainability.

Leadership and Being a Leader

  • Leadership is about aiding those around you to succeed in various facets of life.
  • Don Scarbrough, his father, stands as his most admired leader, instilling values of hard work and risk-taking.

Making Tough Decisions

  • Tough decisions are a result of experiential learning over 35 years.
  • Decision-making stems more from practical experiences than formal education.

Brent Scarbrough: Top Accomplishments of the Past Year

  • Demonstrated the strength of teamwork and familial bonds in a 100% employee-owned company.
  • Successfully navigated challenges in 2020 without downsizing or laying off personnel.

Adapting for the Future

  • Recognizes the importance of remaining a leader in a competitive and growing market.
  • Anticipates challenges in Atlanta’s logistics and plans to open regional offices.

Advice for Other CEOs

  • Anything of value must be earned, humility and realizing vulnerability.
  • Emphasizes the value of hard work and community involvement.

Recent Read

  • Focuses on heavy equipment and job specifications, reflecting his hands-on approach to learning.


What is the revenue of Brent Scarbrough?

The yearly income of Brent Scarbrough & Company is reportedly $138.6 million.

How old is Brent Scarbrough?

As of 2024, Brent Scarbrough is 57 years old.

Is Brent Scarbrough married?

Yes he’s a devoted husband of his wife Jenny.

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