Brad Duncan Net Worth: Financial Triumph & Creative Ventures

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brad duncan net worth

There are three more famous Brad Duncans by the way! One is from Earnst Young, another one is from Central Capital Bank and one we know is Brad Duncan who is a Threat Intelligence Analyst at Palo Alto Networks Unit 42. If you are a shoe enthusiast, you’re in the right place. We’re going to discuss Brad Duncan from “Shoedio.” Please follow and share our work if you want more on the other three Brad Duncan. The Internet could be a mess if you don’t know the correct spot to find info, so trust us. We don’t catfish anything and spread misinfo!

Education is Brad and his wife’s ultimate power move, whether they’re grinding in the business world or just vibing with friends and fam. Life is like a glam adventure, and they soak up the luxurious vibes wherever they go. Beyond the grind, they’re all about embracing the unknown, exploring exotic spots, and savoring diverse cultures. It’s, like, a total commitment to leveling up and never stopping the glow-up. The Duncans live their truth, slay every task, and stay grateful for every epic opportunity.

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Brad Duncan Net Worth And Financial Success

  • Brad Duncan net worth is estimated at $12 million.
  • Demonstrated consistent growth: 9.09% increase in 2022, 10% in 2021, and 11.11% in 2020.
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Brad Duncan Financial Details

  • Annual Income: $600k USD.
  • Monthly Income: $50k USD.
  • Daily Income: $1.6k USD.

Financial security of course enables a comfortable life, isn’t it?

Brad Duncan Social Media

Brad Duncan Professional Journey

  • Director of Professional Standards & Accreditation at Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).
  • Significant role at Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).
  • Holds a Master’s in Education & Human Development from The George Washington University.

Brad Duncan Early Life & Wife

Born into a family emphasizing family values and hard work, he attributes success to family support and encouragement.

Brad is totally married to Julie Duncan, sharing a trusting, communicative, and strong relationship. The Duncans run a website and share their ideas with their readers and they absolutely live what they preach.

Brad Duncan Educational Background

  • Completed education at The George Washington University and the University of North Carolina.
  • Known for his strong advocacy for human rights and education.

Brad Duncan Professional Contributions

  • President of a firm dedicated to helping many in need.
  • Directed Council for Exceptional Children, aiding kids with disabilities in getting proper education.
  • Worked at Duchossois Industries, contributing to job facilities for needy individuals.
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Brad Duncan Custom Shoe Design Venture

  • Accidental start into custom shoes designing.
  • Founded Duncan’s Custom Kicks, creating shoes for LSU football coach Brian Kelly.
  • Collaborations with Bayou Traditions and Gordon McKernan for custom-designed shoes.

Creative Process:

  • Known for continuous improvement and authenticity in his craft.
  • Balances shoe designing as a hobbyist with his role as Vice President of Sales for Brock Services.
  • Custom shoes designing process encompasses detailed preparation, painting, and sealing.
  • Takes a total of 20 hours per pair in his worshiped “shoedio.”

NIL Collaborations:

  • Engaged in NIL partnerships with Gordon McKernan and Bayou Traditions.
  • Custom-designed shoes worn by LSU football coach Brian Kelly available in raffles for fans.

Brad Duncan Personal Attributes-(Age, Height And Weight)

  • Age as of 2024: 43 years old,
  • Height: 5 ft 3 in tall/160 cm
  • Weight: 79 kg/174 LBS

Conclusion: Brad Duncan Personal Struggle And Triumph

Brad faced challenging situations like fertility challenges and miscarriages. The concept of “rainbow baby” inspires custom-designed rainbow-colored shoes. His emotional rides of a rollercoaster led to honing and discovering artistic talent.

Brad Duncan’s journey is full of financial success, leadership in education, personal victories and creative pursuits over challenges.


Who is the wife of Brad Duncan?

Julie Duncan is the wife of Brad Duncan.

How much is Brad Duncan worth?

Brad Duncan has a net worth of $12 million as of 2024.

Is Brad Duncan married?

Yes Brad is happily married to his wife Julie Duncan and together they share ideas on their website.

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