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bob rohrman net worth

Automotive industry,the challenging world, has some few names that stand out as pioneers as Bob Rohrman. With a career of several decades, Bob Rohrman has left a huge mark on the world auto industry. He is not only recognized as a successful business person, but his net worth reflects the success of a lifetime dedicated to his hard work, innovation, and a passion and commitment for automobiles.

Haig Partners played a big role in helping Zeigler Automotive Group from Michigan buy Bob Rohrman Subaru of Lafayette and Rohrman Subaru of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Rohrman Automotive Group saw a chance to grow by getting into the Subaru market in the Midwest, and they’re ranked #58 in the 2023 Automotive News Top 150 Dealership Groups.

Ryan Rohrman, the CEO of Rohrman Automotive Group, thanked Kevin Nill and the Haig Partners team for their help in a professional and private manner.

The success of this deal shows that many people want to buy great car dealerships in cool places. Aaron Zeigler, the CEO of Zeigler Automotive Group, is excited to keep the legacy of these businesses alive.

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Bob Rohrman Net Worth & Employees

Bob Rohrman net worth is such a considerable amount,but approximately from $5 million to a huge $1 billion.

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Bob Rohrman Revenue and Employees

  • Bob Rohrman’s estimated yearly revenue is currently approx $38.9M per year.
  • Bob Rohrman’s estimated average revenue per employee is about $330,000.
  • Bob Rohrman has a total of 118 Employees.
  • Bob Rohrman grew their employee salary count by 11% last year.

Bob Rohrman Social Media

Bob Rohrman Early Life

Grown up on a leased farm in Lafayette, Indiana, Bob Rohrman emerged as the ninth of 11 children, marking the inception of a life rooted in humble origins.

Bob Rohrman Career

Bob Rohrman’s humbleness and beginnings is not only articulated on his dealership’s website but is also chronicled in his 2015 autobiography, “A Fantastic Ride,” a piece he personally distributed for his customers.

After Bob Rohrman graduated from Lafayette Jefferson High School in 1952, Bob Rohrman started his professional journey by selling cars.

Following a two-year stint in the Army during the Korean War. During his initial steps into entrepreneurship, Rohrman established his first dealership in 1963, a used-car lot in Lafayette. Bob Rohrman expanded his business over seven years later by starting his first new car dealership, a Toyota franchise. This marked the beginning of Bob Rohrman’s expansion into the automobile industry.

Bob Rohrman’s net worth is a fortune to the success of his business ventures.

While specific figures may vary depending on the source and timeframe, Bob Rohrman net worth financial success can be defined to his passionate business personality and having an ideo of strategic expansion and his commitment to delivering the quality products and services to his customers.

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Bob RohrmanTop Competitors

  • Golf Mill Ford
  • MBL (USA) Corporation
  • Ferrari Lake Forest
  • Polytec Plastics
  • Land Rover Hinsdale


Who is Bob Rohrman?

Bob Rohrman, known as the good-humored car dealer who lit up TV screens for decades, has died.

Who is the CEO of Bob Rohrman Auto Group?

Ryan Rohrman is the CEO of Bob Rohrman Auto Group.

How many kids did Bob Rohrman have?

Rohrman has five children and 16 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

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