Bill Manser Net Worth: A Riveting Tale of Fame and Family Feuds

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bill manser net worth

Bill Manser, 58, is the Director and Vice President of The Arbors Lot Owners Association. He gained fame from Paternity Court, facing allegations of not paying child support for a child he believed wasn’t his.

  • Bill Manser net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million (Approx. value).
  • Bill faces legal action from Elizabeth Sehr, who alleges that Bill purposefully avoided paying child support even though he was aware he was the father.
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Bill Manser Paternity Court Appearance

  • Appeared in Paternity Court Season 55 Episode 55, where Bill was sued by Elizabeth Sehr for unpaid child support on her son Dylan Sehr.
  • Bill was sentenced to five years in jail for failing to appear at the scheduled court date.

Bill Manser: Post-Prison Life

  • Bill paid over $30K in child support after being released from prison, which piqued interest in the Paternity Court episode.
  • The show’s shocking paternity test results cast doubt on Bill’s claim to be Dylan’s father.
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Bill Manser: Personal Information

  • Born in Minneola, Florida, Bill is an American of White-Caucasian ethnicity. His date of birth is January, 1965 (Age 58 as of 2023).
  • Christian by religion, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius/Capricorn.

Bill Manser: Family and Relationships

  • Married to Debbie Manser; they had a 1991 baby boy named Chris Manser.
  • Two other kids’ identities are undisclosed.
  • The starting of Bill’s legal troubles began in 1995 when Elizabeth filed a case for failure to pay child support.
  • In 1995, results from DNA testing suggested that Bill had a 99.67% chance of being Dylan’s father.
  • $30,072.17 in child support was paid by Bill Manser between 2003 and 2012.
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Bill Manser: Paternity Court Episode Details

  • Bill and Elizabeth gave their respective presentations in episode 55.
  • Bill questioned Dylan’s paternity and the validity of the paternity test that was conducted in 1995.
  • According to DNA Diagnostic Center results, there is no possibility that Bill is Dylan’s biological father.

Bill Manser: Compensation and Settlement

  • No charges against Elizabeth for wrongful imprisonment.
  • The lab that created the 1995 Paternity Test, LabCorp, was sued jointly by Elizabeth and Bill Manser.

Bill Manser: Career and Current Status

  • Worked in a variety of capacities, such as service management and the US Navy.
  • Presently holds the positions of Vice President and Director for The Arbors Lot Owners Association.
  • From 2013 to 2014, I pursued education in surveying technology and civil engineering.


Did Bill Manser get compensation?

Yes, Elizabeth Sehr and her son Dylan, as well as Bill Manser, filed a joint lawsuit against LabCorp, the company that developed the 1995 Paternity Test. This suggests a lawsuit in order to be compensated.

What happened to Bill Manser after paternity court?

Bill Manser was confronted with legal troubles and ongoing disputes following the Paternity Court episode. He carried on with his life, taking on different jobs and holding the positions of Vice President and Director of The Arbors Lot Owners Association.

Did Bill Manser get justice?

In this instance, the concept of justice is arbitrary. Even though Bill was subject to legal repercussions, such as a prison sentence and child support obligations, the Paternity Court episode later made it apparent that he may not be the biological father, casting doubt on the justice of his earlier court cases.

Did Bill Manser get sued?

Yes, Elizabeth Sehr had sued Bill Manser for unpaid child support. In addition, a lawsuit against LabCorp is still pending, suggesting that he will likely face legal issues in the future. Manser was sentenced to five years in prison after missing a court date and neglecting to pay the child support ordered for young Dylan Sehr.

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