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bigboy cheng net worth

Embark on an artistic journey with DJ Big Boy Cheng (@djbigboycheng) on Instagram, where 307K followers revel in his vibrant world. As a public figure, DJ, and avid collector of toys and sneakers in the Philippines, Bigboy Cheng provides a glimpse into his dynamic life. Delve into his extensive art collection through the link in his bio, showcasing a unique perspective. Be part of the cultural excitement as he announces Demi Padua’s solo exhibition, inviting followers to save the date for the grand opening on January 14, 2024, at Secret Fresh Gallery, Ronac Lifestyle Center – Magallanes, 6th Floor, Lot 6, Blk 3, Paseo de Makati, 1232 Metro Manila. Join Big Boy Cheng for a fusion of music, art, and collectibles!

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BigBoy Cheng Net Worth And Success

  • Founder of Secret Fresh, a successful designer.
  • Estimated Big Boy Cheng net worth as of 2024 is around 10 million USD.
  • A distinctive collecting style attracts a large following.
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Big Boy Cheng: Million-Dollar Trainer Collection

  • Owner of 700+ pairs of sneakers and has collected over 20000+ sneakers over the years.
  • Trainer collection worth over $1 million.
  • A vault constructed for his most valuable items.

Big Boy Cheng: Business Empire Beyond Sneakers

  • Scion of Uratex, Philippines’ largest mattress producer.
  • Owns art gallery Secret Fresh and high-end streetwear store Rif.
  • Successful ventures obviously add to his wealth.

Big Boy Cheng: Local And Global Appreciation/Impact

  • Champions local creatives through Secret Fresh
  • Working together with regional artists to gain visibility.
  • Recognizes the importance of both global and local talents.

Big Boy Cheng: Social Media

Big Boy Cheng: The BBC Show

  • Hosts ANC’s YouTube series, “The BBC Show.”
  • Challenges and fun interviews with celebrities and influencers.
  • Showcases the eccentric side of people.
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Big Boy Cheng: Early Life And Family

  • Born in a small town to teacher parents.
  • Nurtured in an explorative and loving environment.
  • Structured and ambitious routine from a young age.

Big Boy Cheng: Physique And Lifestyle

  • 36 years old as of 2024, 5 ft 9 in/175 cm tall.
  • Weighs around 85 kg/187 lbs with a fit and healthy body.
  • Dedication and active lifestyle to staying in shape.

Big Boy Cheng: Wife & Kids

Big Boy Cheng is happily married to Joey Samson, and the couple shares two wonderful kids, a daughter and a son, whose names are kept private. Their enduring relationship is founded on strong pillars of mutual trust and respect. United by a common passion for culture, art, and design, the couple enjoys embarking on adventures together, exploring diverse places and countries.


Is Big Boy Cheng the owner of Uratex?

Bigboy Cheng is the youngest family member of Uratex, the largest foam manufacturer in the nation.

What does Big Boy Cheng do for a living?

He’s an art influencer, DJ, businessman, and now food vlogger, Cheng has gained showers of love through huge following on social media.

Who is the biggest shoe collector in Asia?

DJ Bigboy Cheng is reported to be the most famous and biggest shoe collector in Asia as of 2024 and he has always been.

How many shoes does Big Boy Cheng have?

Reportedly as latest as 2024 BigBoy Cheng has collected over 20,000 sneakers and he has got no plan to retire.

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