Bianca Manalo Husband: From Pageants to Political Love

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bianca manalo husband

Speculation about Manalo’s romantic escapades have sparked questions like “Who’s Bianca Manalo husband?” and “Bianca Manalo’s Boyfriend.” Let’s scroll and know!

Meet Pamela Bianca Ramos Manalo – actress, Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2009 champ, and a burst of Filipino energy! She rocked the Miss Universe 2009 stage as the Philippines’ rep but took the unconventional route and finished last. Yet, she’s our fearless queen, shining in the world of showbiz!

Dive into the captivating love life of the dazzling Filipina model and beauty queen, Bianca Manalo! We unravel the mysteries surrounding her past and current relationships, providing an intimate look into her romantic journey.

Bianca Manalo And Win Gatchalian: Is He Bianca Manalo Husband ?

Bianca Manalo’s romantic journey took a significant turn when she made her first public appearance with Senator Sherwin Gatchalian in November 2018. According to reports, the couple celebrated their second anniversary in November, marking the inception of a committed relationship.

In September 2021, Bianca Manalo shared a heartfelt message on social media, revealing that Senator Gatchalian had been a persistent suitor for six years. The couple’s journey unfolded as Manalo shared a photo of them, taken just one month and one day into their relationship. This marked a significant milestone, solidifying their commitment to each other.

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Bianca Manalo: Cheating Controversy  

Bianca Manalo is beaming with joy, sharing some seriously cool snaps from her Japan adventure with the fam!

On Wednesday, Dec. 20, our favorite Magandang Dilag star treated us to a little glimpse of her Japanese escapade with the crew. First up, a sweet pic with her mom, Norma, and then, boom! A shot of the whole fam inside the Narita Express train. Oh, and let’s not forget the fab mirror selfie where she’s rocking a cozy fleece jacket with a snazzy black and white print.

Now, here’s the scoop, just a day before these Japan vibes, things got a bit spicy. There were rumors about Bianca and co-star Rob Gomez being entangled in some kind of cheating drama. Rob’s Facebook and Insta pages were buzzing with screenshots of supposed chats with Herlene Budol, hinting at some intimate connection. But hold up, nobody knows if these pics got a little makeover.

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Bianca Manalo Boyfriend: Who is Bianca Manalo’s Husband?

Hold onto your hats! It’s December 2023, and guess what? Senator Sherwin Gatchalian and Bianca Manalo are still going strong! Bianca spilled the tea that Gatchalian is planning to put a ring on it, but no rush, they’re just vibing. Fans are buzzing with excitement about the future plans of this dynamic duo. And today (December 21, 2023) Manalo is enjoying in Tokyo, Japan. The two always share their cute moments on Instagram.

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Senator Gatchalian, a big shot in Philippine politics, isn’t shy about it – Bianca brings him joy! The public can’t get enough of their love story as they navigate the twists and turns of commitment and love.

Bianca Manalo: Ex Boyfriends

In the midst of the current attention on Bianca Manalo and Senator Sherwin Gatchalian’s romance, it’s crucial to delve into Manalo’s past.

Bianca Manalo’s romantic history includes relationships with Fabio Ide from 2015 to 2017 and John Prats from 2011 to 2012. Additionally, she had an encounter with Noynoy Aquino III.

Bianca Manalo: Socials

Bianca Manalo: Affiliations

  -Currently associated with Sparkle since 2022

  – Significantly contributed to Star Magic from 2010 to 2022


How old is Bianca Manalo?

Manalo was born on 28 November 1986, so she is 37 years old as of 2023.

How tall is Bianca Manalo?

Bianca Manalo is 180 cm tall and that’s exactly 5 ft 9 inches.

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