Bee D’Vine Net Worth 2024: Shark Tank to Honey Wine Success

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Bee D’Vine went on that Shark Tank show, you know, Season 12 Episode 5. Can you believe it? He was there to ask for $750,000 so he could give away 20% of his honey wine business, saying it’s worth a whopping $3.75 million.

Now, what’s this honey wine business, you ask? Well, it’s called Bee D’Vine, and it’s all about making honey wine with a sprinkle of Ethiopian magic right there in sunny Sonoma Valley, California. Ayele is all about doing it sustainably, caring for the bees and all.

When he was on Shark Tank, they said Bee D’Vine was worth $1.8 million. And guess what? Four of those Sharks, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec and Daniel Lubetzky, all wanted a piece of the honey jar. They made a deal right there, offering $750,000 for a 40% share.

And you know what? Ayele, that clever beekeeper, said yes to the offer. Now, the Sharks and Bee D’Vine are like family, sipping honey wine and counting their blessings.

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Bee D’Vine Net Worth

Post-Shark Tank, Bee D’Vine net worth is $1.88 million.

Bee D’Vine specializes in sustainably-produced honey wine, made with two main ingredients: spring water and honey locally sourced in California.

The wine comes in two varieties: Brut (dry) and Demi Sec (semi-sweet), with additional offerings like sparkling grape wine and honey wine.

Notably, Bee D’Vine ages its wine for at least 15 months, resulting in a cleaner finish compared to traditional grape wine.

A portion of the sales contributes to the Kafa community in Ethiopia, supporting their transition to modern beehives for increased honey production.

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Bee D’Vine Origin And Inspiration

Established by Ayele Solomon, a conservationist driven by a desire to preserve bees and Ethiopian honey wine, or t’ej.

Solomon sought to reduce the threat of deforestation and increase the value of Ethiopia’s Kafa rainforests by implementing modern beekeeping practices.

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Bee D’Vine Shark Tank Pitch

Ayele Solomon came in with his Bee D’Vine honey wine, all fancy and valued at a whopping $3.75 million. He was on the lookout for a helping hand, asking for $750,000 in exchange for a teensy-weensy 20% of his honey-filled kingdom.

Now, the Sharks, dearie, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daniel Lubetzky, and Mark Cuban, they huddled together like a bunch of wise old owls. The Bee D’Vine wine, with its fancy $39.95 price tag, was like a posh hat at a country fair. And imagine, diving into a market where 97% of wines are sipped at a much humbler price, under $14.

Those Sharks, they weren’t just after the honey; they had hearts as sweet as honey too. Despite their worries, they made a grand joint offer of $750,000 for a 40% slice of Bee D’Vine.

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Bee D’Vine Post-Shark Tank Success

The Shark Tank exposure significantly boosted Bee D’Vine’s visibility and sales.

The company experienced increased demand, with five out of ten wine offerings on the website being sold out.

Bee D’Vine introduced a $29 wine, aligning with the Sharks’ advice to offer a more accessible price point.


What happened to Bee D Vine after Shark Tank?

They are still in the business and wines are available on their website.

Does Bee D Vine wine have alcohol?

Per glass it contains 11.5% – 12.5% alcohol.

Is honey wine sweet?

It can be sweet and reviving or very dry and powerful.

What is Ethiopian honey wine?

It’s a form of mead, an alcoholic beverage produced with honey, water, and the medicinal herb “gesho” (Rhamnus prinides).

Is bee D’vine wine still in business?

Yes, the honey wine is still available for purchase on Bee D’Vine’s website.

Where can I buy Bee D’vine honey wine?

Order Bee D’vine from their official website.

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