B-Phlat Comedian Husband: A Successful Comic Journey

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B-Phlat Comedian Husband

How young is B-Phlat comedian husband? Are they happy? B-Phlat, did she receive a good education? What are the lesser known facts about her? Scroll and learn!

Folk often claim a leopard can’t alter its patterns, yet there’s a humorist transforming the comedy scene similarly. Many argue that audiences crave more than your typical, run-of-the-mill, All American punchline. They hunger for the bold and unfiltered truth that defines comedy. Genuine humor stems from candor, and that’s precisely what you can expect from the vivacious and sassy comedian, BPhlat, shining brightly in the St. Louis comedy circuit.

B-Phlat Comedian Husband

On Sherrishowtv, B-Phlat said that she is married to a boy who’s 16 year less than of her age. Here’s a funny post from her where she talks about her marital status in the caption.

She said in 2021, “Git your day started! My husband wants me to throw these pants away! NOT! I sewed them up! Don’t sweat the small stuff ain’t nothing but a hole!”

Recently in an interview B-Phlat shared how’s her marriage is going. Read the funny conversation here,

Sherry: But your husband is 15 years younger than you. Does that work out for you?

 B-Phlat: Girl, it works out. Look at this. *She splits her legs*

And everyone in the room broke out of laughter.

B-Phlat Overview

Beverly Nelson, aka Comedian BPhlat

B-Phlat Background

– Smart, attractive, musically talented, motivated, and funny

– Fine Arts degree from Fontbonne College, St. Louis

– Pursued a Master’s in Business and Arts Administration in Philadelphia

– Worked as Marketing Director for a major law firm in Philadelphia

B-Phlat: Comedy Style

– Prefers honing comedy skills in Philadelphia

– Encourages women to self-improve for empowerment

– Emphasizes maintaining oneself instead of focusing on maintaining a man

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B-Phlat: Unique Traits

– Seductive, deep rich voice with a Midwest twang

– Six plus years in the comedy scene

B-Phlat: Achievements

– Host and Headliner for the RJE Urban Comedy Cabaret Tour for the last two years

– Hosted events like Russell Simmon’s Phat Farm Fashion Show & Def Comedy Jam in Negril, Jamaica

– Featured on Showtime at the Apollo, Four seasons of BET’s Comicview, ESPN Magazine writer

– Impressive corporate engagements and credits in just six years

– Featured at FUBU International Okwaku Festival in Amsterdam

– Currently sponsored by Donyell Marshall’s Triple D Productions

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B-Phlat: The Multifaceted Artist

B-Phlat Education And Career

– Graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Fontbonne College, St. Louis

– Pursued a Master’s in Business and Arts Administration at Drexel University, Philadelphia

– Worked as a Marketing Director for a major law firm in Philadelphia

– Originally aimed to become a museum curator

B-Phlat Interests

– Yoga, photography, scrapbooking , physical exercise, music, football, bull-riding, NASCAR, trumpet, ceramics, and reading

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B-Phlat Stand-Up Debut

– Started stand-up career in 1995 at a talent show in Philadelphia

– Unaware of performing until arriving at the show, friends signed her up for “Comedian of the Night”

B-Phlat Affiliation

– Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority


Who is B flat the comedian?

Beverly Nelson is her real name. She’s a popular comedian with a different approach, profanity and explicit content. She also avoids typical man-bashing  in her comedies.

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