What is Aswad Ayinde Net Worth? What Happened to His Wife? Everything You Should Know!

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aswad ayinde net worth

Background of Aswad Ayinde

Aswad Ayinde, an Emmy award-winning music director and record producer, ascended to prominence with the success of the music video “Killing Me Softly,” which he directed for the Fugees in the year 1996. In this exposé, we shall delve into the life and times of Aswad Ayinde, exploring his formative years, personal history, the circumstances that led to his 90-year incarceration, familial relations, marital ties, Aswad Ayinde Net Worth, and more. The narrative unfolds further as you peruse these lines.

Aswad Ayinde Net Worth

Regrettably, Aswad Ayinde’s life is marred by his reprehensible actions, overshadowing his professional accomplishments. While he directed the successful music video “Killing Me Softly,” his heinous deeds, especially towards his own daughters, have left a dark stain on his legacy. His misdeeds were exposed, resulting in a 90-year prison sentence, and in 2011, he was detained on a $1 million bond. In essence, his professional achievements pale compared to the gravity of his crimes.

As of 2023, Aswad Ayinde’s net worth is virtually nonexistent, given his ongoing incarceration, which will likely extend for the rest of his life. His life story is a stark reminder of the consequences that occur to those committing such heinous acts.

Aswad Ayinde: Wife

In the early 1970s, Beverly Ayinde married Aswad Ayinde; their union lasted for over three decades until 2002, when Beverly and her daughter Aziza bravely decided to flee the pain and separate from him. Together, Aswad and Beverly share nine children, and Beverly takes pride in her role as a parent to her children.

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Currently residing in East Orange, New Jersey, United States, she has chosen to maintain her personal life in privacy, away from the spotlight. Consequently, there needs to be more information available about her online. Her decision to prioritize her family’s well-being over public attention is commendable.

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Aswad Ayinde: Daughters

Aziza Kibibi, one of Aswad Ayinde’s daughters, is a notable author, speaker, and podcaster who has established herself as a prominent figure. Born on September 1, 1977, in Paterson, New Jersey, United States, she has pursued her path independently of the troubling circumstances involving her father. Aziza’s author, speaker, and podcaster work reflects her determination to share her unique perspective and experiences with a broader audience.

Aswad Ayinde had the controversial five pregnancies with her.

In addition to her speaking and podcasting endeavors, Aziza Kibibi has made significant contributions as an author. She has written two books titled “Unashamed: A Life Tainted Vol. 1” and “Unashamed: A Life Tainted Vol. 1,” likely providing her readers with deep insights into her life experiences and personal journey.

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Aziza’s dedication to charitable work is evident through her role as the president and founder of Precious Little Ladies Inc., an organization committed to combating child abuse and positively impacting young girls’ lives.

Considering her multifaceted career and charitable efforts, Aziza Kibibi is to have a net worth of $2 million in 2023(approx), reflecting her accomplishments and contributions to various fields.


What happened to Aswad Ayinde’s wife?

Beverly Ayinde is living in East Orange, New Jersey, USA. She chose to keep her personal life secret, so no more recent information is available on the web.

Is Aswad Ayinde still alive?

He’s 65 as of 23 and was sentenced to behind bars for 90 more years. He’s probably going to die in the prison cell.

Is Aswad Ayinde a Nigerian?

No. His nationality is American. He’s not a Nigerian.

Did Aswad Ayinde’s wife receive jail time?

No, she helped her children escape, and in a recent reel posted by Aziza Kibibi, she’s saying she wants to forgive her parents.

So, here it was, folks! Now you know Aswad Ayinde Net Worth and his reprehensive crimes. Browse more to find more informative articles!

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