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ari rubenstein net worth

Ari Rubenstein, the CEO and co-founder of Global Trading Systems (GTS), a pioneering automated market-maker and financial technology firm based in New York, stands at the forefront of market modernization. With roots in the New York City commodities exchange floor, Ari’s journey evolved from keen observation to active participation. Managing daily operations, crafting innovative trading methods, and spearheading strategic initiatives, Ari collaborates with GTS founding partners.

A founder member of the Modern Market Initiative (MMI) through GTS, Ari champions the benefits of quantitative trading, particularly high-frequency trading (HFT), ensuring investor-first supervision and sustaining global market leadership. A University of Vermont graduate, Ari, alongside his wife and three kids, calls Manhattan home.

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Source – Financial Times

Ari Rubenstein Net Worth Analysis, Philanthropy

Ari Rubenstein, a pragmatic strategist and accomplished visual effects artist, has forged a noteworthy path in the TV and film industry. With Ari Rubenstein net worth exceeding $20.7 million as of January 2024, his contributions have left an indelible mark. Beyond the realms of entertainment, Ari asserts his entrepreneurial prowess as the founder of Modern Markets Initiative, a firm specializing in consulting and marketing. Ari extends his impact as a philanthropist, dedicating time and resources to various charitable endeavors.

YearNet Worth
202420.7 million
202320.5 million
202220 million
202119 million
202017 million
201915 million

Ari Rubenstein Salary, Lifestyle & Personality

Ari Rubenstein is a Visual Effects Artist who makes about 1 Million US dollars every year. His monthly earnings are around 83k US dollars, and on a daily basis, he earns about 2.7k US dollars. Despite being a very skilled and well-known professional, Ari lives a pretty straightforward life. He’s happy with what he has and doesn’t feel the urge to spend a lot on things.

Daily Income – 2.7k US Dollars

Monthly Wage– 83k US Dollars

Annual Income – 1 Million US Dollars

Ari Rubenstein: Social Media

Ari Rubenstein: Experience And Education

Ari Rubenstein, the Co-founder and CEO of Global Trading Systems, blends a visionary approach with his extensive experience. Shaping the landscape of financial technology, he arranges GTS’s success. A proud alumnus of the University of Vermont, Ari’s journey exemplifies the fusion of expertise and education at the helm of GTS.

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Source – Yahoo Finance

Ari Rubenstein Wife: Atoosa Rubenstein Net Worth

Atoosa Rubenstein, a flourishing Iranian journalist, exudes a vibrant spirit in her career. Garnering insights from sources like Forbes, Wikipedia and Business Insider, her net worth sits at an impressive $5.2 million (as of January 8, 2024).

Starting her journey at Cosmopolitan in 1993 as a fashion assistant, Atoosa’s meteoric rise led her to the role of senior fashion editor within five years.

Her ingenuity caught the eye of Cathleen Black, prompting the inception of CosmoGIRL! Aged just 26, Atoosa made history as Hearst Magazine’s youngest editor-in-chief, transforming CosmoGIRL! into a 1.25 million readership phenomenon. Her subsequent tenure at Seventeen witnessed a commendable 23% surge in newsstand sales, rescuing the publication from a five-year downturn.


Who is the CEO of GTS?

Ari Rubenstein is the CEO of GTS.

Is Ari Rubenstein married?

Yes, Ari Rubenstein is married to Atoosa Rubenstein who’ s a successful Iranian journalist.

How old is Ari Rubenstein?

According to Wikipedia Ari Rubenstein was born January 13, 1972. So as of 2024, he’s 52 years old. Many unverified sources say he’s 40-44 years old, please research on your own and of course our website doesn’t compromise with quality.

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