Are Adi And Emily Still Together? Love & Friendship for 6 Wonderful Years

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are adi and emily still together

Adi Fishman is a content creator and YouTuber who partners with many influencers. But, this loyal dude always choose his fav girl his girlfriend over anyone most of the days. His gf is none other than Emily Michelle Alexander, to answer the question Are Adi and Emily still together? Yes they are. 

Adi and Emily’s relationship stands out of the rest. The pair have been together for over six years now.

The chemistry between them keeps increasing everyday. Both Adi and his girlfriend, upload pictures and clipsof each other, talking about how much they have affection for one another. 

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These cuties often update their followers and fans on their relationships on Instagram. 

Are Adi And Emily Still Together 

As said before, Adi and Emily have been together for over six years. On the occasion of their sixth-year anniversary, on 9th September 2023, he posted multiple pictures with his girlfriend. He wrote a heartwarming caption, appreciating Emily Alexander. He said “6 years with love of my life”

In 2022’s anniversary we still remember how  he confessed that he loved her endlessly and unconditionally, and how thankful he was that Alexander was here for him. He wrote, “Thank you for always being there for me every step of the way and for the best 5 years of my life.” 

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He loves sharing pictures and reels tagging her girlfriend. They both enjoy group activity and have a long list of beautiful reels on that. 

Fans showered with comments on their anniversary pictures like “Sooo happy watching you guys being together for so long, lots of love and blessings,” “Many More Years To Come 😍😍Beautiful Couple 😍😍”, another fan curiously asked the question that goes like “Where is the ring at”

So, to debunk your conspiracy query like if these two lovebirds are still together or no, we revealed almost all the valid and informational data. 

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Adi Fishman x Emily Story: How It Started

Fishman and Alexander were great friends before Alexander ended up dating him. She didn’t realize she had feelings for Fishman on a romantic level until her first year of high school. Fishman, however, did not feel the same thing at that time. 

It took Fishman two years to realize his feelings for Alexander, and it wasn’t until September 9, 2k17, that they officially began dating, marking the start of their romantic journey together.

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He revealed how their dating journey started, in the YT video titled, ‘Something I’ve NEVER Talked About… (Meet My Girlfriend).’ He expressed kind of words like, “Well, you know, junior year was a bit of a turning point. There was a slight delay, a two-year wait, but it was in my junior year when I saw you, and I thought, ‘Wow!’ And from that moment on, everything changed.”

Adi Fishman: Quick Bio 

Real Name Adi Fishman
Popularly Known AsAdi Fishman
Birthday11th August , 2000 (23 years)
YouTube joined21st May, 2018
Net Worth$2 million – $5 million approx
ResidenceLA, California, America

Adi Fishman: Socials


Are Emily Alexander and Adi Fishman still together?

Yes, and on 9th Sept, 2023 they just celebrated their 6th year anniversary.

How old is Adi Fishman?

Born in 2000, Adi Fishman is 23 years old as of 2023.

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