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aphmau net worth

In this era of online content creation, Aphmau, also known as Jessica Bravura, has carved a niche for herself with captivating Minecraft roleplays and a vibrant presence on YouTube. She is a popular YouTuber, gamer, and content creator known for her Minecraft roleplays and other gaming-related content. As fans continue to follow her digital adventures, curiosity naturally turns to the financial side of this internet sensation‘s success. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore Aphmau net worth.

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Aphmau Net Worth

It is believed that Aphmau net worth is $67 million. Although she has played games like Pixelmon, The Sims 3, Spore, and others, her specialty is making videos for the computer game Minecraft. Jess makes additional money by running sponsored posts on her social media channels, various business ventures, and selling merchandise on her website.

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Aphmau: Experiences and Credentials

On October 16, 1989, Bravura was born in Houston, Texas. A few years after her birth, her parents divorced. Her mother primarily supervised Bravura, and they resided at her grandmother’s home. Her first gaming machine, a Nintendo 64, was a surprise gift from her parents. This was the start of her gaming passion.

Because she enjoyed playing video games, Bravura gained a lot of friends in elementary school. In 2005, Bravura became involved in the online game Final Fantasy XI, where she met Jason. Together, they played a lot and grew close.

As a friendship began to develop, they decided to meet up in person. She would travel to New Jersey frequently. She relocated from Texas to Philadelphia to live with Jason when she turned eighteen. She also adopted a cat named Johnny.

Bravura discovered her pregnancy at the end of 2011, and Jason proposed to her that same year. At Disney World, Jessica and Jason tied the knot. They both were enthralled with the concept of YouTubers earning so much following their passion as they waited for the baby.

Jessica gave birth to a son named Joseph on July 12, 2012. Following their adjustment to parenthood, Jessica and Jason, together with her high school friends Chris and Calvin, launched a YouTube channel.

Aphmau: Social Media

Aphmau: Professional Journey

Seeing other YouTubers gave Jess the idea to launch the channel with her three friends and her husband. On August 13, 2012, they started Challenge Accepted Inc. Afterwards, two partners withdrew, leaving Jessica and Jason alone. Aphmau Gaming became the new name of the channel. In addition, she runs a company named BluJay Studios, which has expanded its workforce to produce new videos.

As of 2023, Aphmau has over 18 million users and over 19 billion views since its launch in 2012. Her main channel, Aphmau Gaming, has a vast array of gaming-related stuff. Although the majority of its videos have been a combination of SnipperClips, Human Fall Flat, Minecraft Roleplays, and Animations, its main game has been Minecraft.

From April to July 2020, Bravura’s second channel, Roblox channel Shuki, posted videos on a regular basis.

Bravura’s third channel, Aphmau Stories—which was first launched as the Aphmau Fantasy channel—has remained dormant since 2017. It used to release roleplaying games on the platform.

In 2015, Bravura launched her fourth channel, her vlogging channel, Jessica Bravura. Her most recent video announced her third child pregnant in 2019.

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Aphmau: Endorsement and Skills

Although Jess has a broad range of content, her main channel is mainly recognized for her Minecraft videos. She has played a variety of games in between, ranging from roleplays to original Minecraft-style material and from group to solo content. Right now, she’s the most popular female content producer on Minecraft alone.

Since she began playing Minecraft in 2012, Jess’s four channels have gathered over 21 million members. Over her career, she has been able to adapt and diversify her Minecraft content successfully. She’s one of the 32 YouTubers that Kris Madas included in his YouTuber Intro Challenge, and she’s also one of the select few whose intro is included.


What age is Aphmau?

Aphmau’s age is 34 years.

How long has Aphmau been married?

Aphmau and her husband got married in March of 2012. They have been married for 11 years now.

What is the full name of Aphmau?

Aphmau, full name is Jessica Bravura.

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