Anthony Arillotta Net Worth: Exploring Wealth of a Mafia Boss

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anthony arillotta net worth

Anthony’s history dates back to 1989, when he beat a man with a sawhorse outside a Worthington Street bar while selling hot dogs.

He had dug a hole for a thug they wanted dead for hours, along with two other members of the organized crime group. In the fall of 2003, they worked in a forested lot at the command of mob leader Adolfo “Big Al” Bruno.

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Anthony Arillotta Net Worth

Anthony Arillotta net worth could be as high as $5 million as of 2023. But it’s widely reported for his crime scenes, his worth is dropping. Just twenty years ago, Anthony Arillotta stood at the bottom, feeling awestruck in Agawam at a makeshift grave.

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Anthony Arillotta: Crime Case

During his turbulent criminal career, Anthony Arillotta first ran afoul of the law in the 1990s, eluding a cocaine case that infuriated mob boss Bruno.

Legal scrutiny increased as his position in Springfield’s underworld grew.

His rise in the Genovese Crime Family’s “Springfield Crew” began in the 2000s when he was charged simultaneously on state and federal levels with gambling and loan-sharking , a conviction that landed him a 3 1/2-year jail sentence.

His 2008 extortion case acquisition demonstrated his tenacity in the face of documented threats. After being detained in 2010 for the murder of Bruno, Arillotta quickly became a state witness. His criminal story came to light during his trials in a graphic manner, exposing a life heavily involved in drugs, firearms, con games, and murder. His testimony closed a darker chapter in organized crime, and he was sentenced to 99 months.

Anthony Arillotta: Socials

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Anthony Arillotta: Early Life Habits

In his younger days, Anthony Arillotta was really into gangster movies, especially classics like “Scarface,” and he had a thing for Italian Mafia movies and books. His friends back then said he was pretty much obsessed with these movies. Fast forward to a trial in 2011, where he spilled the beans about ambushing a labor boss named Frank Dadabo and getting advice from the acting Genovese boss Arthur “Artie” Nigro.

Nigro told him to work on his accuracy, suggesting “head shots” after Dadabo surprisingly survived the attack. Arillotta also shared this interesting tidbit about his official induction into the crime family in 2003 – he stripped down to just a robe in a Bronx apartment. Last year, the big shots in New York labeled Arillotta as “one of the best Mafia informants ever” during his sentencing.


Is the Lucchese family still active?

The Lucchese crime family is still active in New York City today, engaging in conventional rackets like extortion, illicit gambling and labor racketeering.

Is the mod still active?

Indeed. The Five Families remain the most lucrative Italian mafia families in the United States, operating out of New York City, and remain a major FBI target. Of the five families, the Colombo is thought to be the weakest; the Gambino and Genovese are the stronger families.

What did the Genovese family do?

According to reports, the Genovese family is still involved in white-collar crimes like gambling, loan sharking, and extortion in the twenty-first century. Up to thirty family members were found guilty of racketeering in 2006 during a raid, and six more suspected allies were taken into custody in 2022.

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