Annie Yu Husband: The FOX 5 News Anchor’s Fascinating Life Story

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Introduction to Annie Yu

Annie Yu, a truly dedicated soul with a sprinkle of good fortune, has earned her stripes as one of the globe’s esteemed reporters. Born in Korea, her heart beats for America. Annie now proudly holds the position of news anchor at FOX 5.

But Annie’s journey is not only her own dream fulfilled; it’s also her mother’s dream come true, who always wished for her to become a journalist. Annie is also a loving mother herself, sharing life with Annie Yu husband Donal, and their two adorable daughters.

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Annie Yu Husband

Annie tied the knot with Donal Kim, a software engineer and alumnus of George Mason University. Her husband is a Project Lead at ASRC Federal Vistronix, and the two of them share a wonderful partnership. Annie is known for keeping her marriage private and doesn’t flaunt her relationship in the public eye.

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Annie Yu: Age & Birthday

Annie Yu, as of 2023, is 31 years young. She was born on October 26, 1992, in Seoul, South Korea, but at the age of three, she moved to and brought up in the D.C. area. Plus, Annie celebrates her birthday every year on October 26th.

Annie Yu Siblings

Annie’s sister and she have always been a strong support for their family. Annie’s loyalty to her sister is unwavering, and she’s known to have her sister’s back. However, when it comes to sharing details about her sister, Annie has chosen to keep that part of her life private.

Annie Yu: Socials

Annie Yu: Education

Yu’s educational journey took her to George Mason University, where she pursued a degree in Journalism, successfully graduating. In addition to her academic achievements, she had the distinct honor of being a part of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Association. During her time with the association, she served as a representative for the host team. Her impact extended beyond the cheerleading world, as she played a role in connecting with network management during two consecutive seasons. This included reaching out to countless football enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

Annie Yu: Family Background

Annie’s journey began when she and her family left Korea, arriving in North Virginia with little more than big suitcases and a wallet containing $5000. Her parents faced countless challenges day and night as they worked tirelessly to adapt and make a living in their new home. Over time, they managed to gather the essentials to start their own coffee shop.

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As Annie grew older, she began to realize that her true calling lay in journalism. She believes her mother also had dreams of becoming a journalist, so Annie’s heart is a living embodiment of both their dreams coming true.

Annie Yu: Kids & Hobbies

Yu and her husband Donal are thrilled to be the joyful parents of two beautiful girls. Annie finds happiness in indulging in some not-so-great rounds of golf, basking in the sunshine on vacations, cherished moments with friends and family, and relishing delicious food.


How old is Annie Yu?

Annie Yu is 31 years old as of 2023.

Who is Annie Yu’s husband?

Donal kim, a software engineer got hitched with Annie Yu.

What is the net worth of Annie Yu?

Annie Yu, the WUSA9 News anchor, earns an annual salary ranging from $45,418 to $89,188. Thanks to her prosperous journalism career, her estimated net worth has reached a commendable $2 million.

How many kids does Annie Yu have?

Annie Yu and her husband are proud parents of two lovely daughters.

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