At the Age of 17, How Much is Anna Leigh Waters Earnings?

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anna leigh waters earnings

Discover the financial landscape of Anna Leigh Waters earnings , a versatile figure renowned across diverse domains. Revealing her estimated earnings, intriguing personal facts, career highlight, and addressing common fan queries in this concise exploration.

Anna Leigh Waters got popular for playing doubles in a team with her mother, Leigh Waters.

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Anna Leigh Waters Earnings

At just 16 years old, Anna Leigh Waters has achieved a career that surpasses the dreams of many athletes. Yet, this seems to be just the initial chapter of her remarkable journey to pickleball success and wealth.

With increasing endorsements and ongoing prowess in professional pickleball her net worth and fame are a picture of continuous ascent. Anna Leigh Waters stands on the beauty of a promising future, potentially emerging as the leading figure in the world of this pickleball sport.

Anna Leigh Waters’ exact earnings are not available for her limited financial disclosures and nature of work. Back in the days her substantial net worth, derived from diverse ventures like acting, modeling and entrepreneurship, is estimated between $10.4 million.

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Anna leigh waters earning history:

  • Net Worth in 2021 : $4 Million
  • Net Worth in 2022 : $6 Million
  • Net Worth in 2022 : $8 Million
  • Now approx $10.4 Million as of 2024.

As she is a professional pickleball player. So,Anna Leigh waters earning source is majority distributed to her sports.

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Anna leigh Waters Early Life

Born on January 26, 2007, in Delray Beach, Florida, USA, Anna Leigh Waters was born with a profound passion for sports and competitiveness throughout her life. Introduced to pickleball by her avidly playing parents, she displayed early promise in the sport, dedicating herself to the diligent refinement of her skills.

Anna Leigh Waters Companies Association

Anna Leigh Waters enjoys the backing of a well known group of sponsors who recognize and invest in her ability, talent and potential.Her top Sponsors among them are :

  • Paddletek
  • Carvana (which has even gifted Anna leigh a new Range Rover as she gears up for her driver’s license)
  • Dynasty Financial Partners
  • FILA
  • Studio Margaret

These sponsors play a key support in supporting Anna’s pursuit of her passion and facilitating success in her various endeavors.

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Anna Leigh Waters Family And Personal Life

At the age of 16, her focus is to dedicate herself to the pickleball game, and she has not entered into marriage as of now.

  • Father : Stephen
  • Mother : Leigh Waters
  • Gender : Female
  • Husband : Not Available
  • Siblings : Sergei Bout
  • Boyfriend : Not Available
  • Martial Stats : Not available

Anna Leigh Waters Social Life

Embark on a challenging journey of sports, her Instagram account a.l.waters_a1 is a portal to a life enriched with tons of captivating posts. With a community of 51K followers and her twitter handle @AnnaLeighWaters has also 6470 followers.


How much money does Anna Leigh Waters make?

She makes around $1 million per year but sometimes for her extra venture she gathers around $2 million.

Who is Leigh Waters’ husband?

Leigh Waters is married to Stephen Waters.

How many times has Anna Leigh Waters lost?

In singles this season, she has only lost once. In mixed doubles this season, she has only lost once.

How many gold medals does Anna Leigh Waters have?

She has six USAPA national Gold Medals and US open gold medals.

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