Angel Guice Net Worth: Police Encounter and Courage

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angel guice net worth

Angel Guice is a well-known individual. She has a reputation in the entertainment industry and has a sizable Instagram following. She is a human being just like the rest of us, and she wanted to share a significant event in her life.

Atlanta-based Angel Guice, a fantastic director and entertainer, has encountered a difficult circumstance that brings up issues with the police. We’ll attempt to investigate the issues presented by this occurrence in a park in Atlanta in a more straightforward manner.

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Angel Guice Net Worth & Services

With Angel Guice net worth of $800k in 2024, Angela Guice stands as a versatile talent in the entertainment industry, showcasing her prowess as a director, producer and writer. Recognized for her notable work in projects like “Roommates Unwanted” (2015), Guice has made a mark with her diverse skills behind the scenes. She also provides the following services;

  1. Reiki Session
  2. Breath and Cuddle Package
  3. Nanny Care
  4. Birth Doula Package
  5. Post Partum Doula Package
  6. Affirmation Session
  7. Caregiver Package
  8. Rhythm and Movement Classes
  9. Private Dance Lessons
  10. Breath Work and Meditation Session
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Angel Guice’s Upsetting Experience

Angel Guice shared a video on Instagram that showed a not-so-good situation with a police officer in Atlanta. It was a bit like when things don’t go well, and you want to tell someone about it. Angel wanted to share what happened to her.

Officer Brooks and the Police Officer in the Mask

The video showed Officer Brooks, but there’s also a police officer with a mask. Angel’s sister, foxii_roxcii, said on Instagram that Angel got in trouble with the police for not agreeing and signing something. The Atlanta Police Department hasn’t said much about it yet.

The video of Angel getting arrested upset a lot of people. Angel’s family, especially her sister Foxii, wanted the police to explain what happened. They’re asking questions about why the police used force and why they acted like that.

Angel Guice: Just Before the Arrest

Angel was in a park, and the police officer said she did something wrong. They gave her a paper to sign. Angel asked for the officer’s number while signing, and the officer got angry. The situation got worse, and the officer arrested Angel. It was like a difficult moment when things went wrong.

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Angel Guice: Background

Angel Guice finished high school and went to college to study business management. She does many things, like helping with childbirth, providing caregiving, and doing other activities to help people.

Angel Guice: Now

The situation with Angel and the police is a bit complicated. Sometimes things happen that we don’t understand, and it’s okay to ask questions. Angel’s family is asking questions to make sure things are fair

Angel Guice’s Invitation to Join Her Journey

Even in difficult times, Angel is inviting us to join her on a journey. She wants to spread love and make people feel good through her talents. It’s like an invitation to be a part of something positive, even when things are tough.


How old is Angel Guice?

According too verified sources Angel Guice is 32 years old as of 2023.

Is Angel Guice married?

Yes, she is married to Raquel Guice; as you can see in the video, the husband obtained his ticket and signed it, but regrettably, the woman chose to be uncooperative.

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