Andy Mohr Net Worth: Tracing the Impressive Fortune of an Auto Industry Leader

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andy mohr net worth

Andy Mohr’s trajectory to success has been driven by his unwavering dedication to hard work. This commitment has propelled him to the ranks of the world’s wealthiest individuals. However, his journey to fame was not without its fair share of challenges. Despite setbacks, his rising star has now reached new heights, marking a testament to his resilience and determination.

Many people throughout the world have been following his life. He began his journey through life from a very poor and modest home. But, with the right commitment and hard effort, he made it to the stage. In this post, we will discuss Andy Mohr net worth and more details.

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Andy Mohr Net Worth

According to the available information, Andy Mohr Automotive Group is now worth $200 million.

YearNet Worth GrowthIncreased Percentage Rate
2023110 MillionN/A
2022120 Million9.09% Increase
2021130 Million8.33% Increase
2020150 Million15.38% Increase
2019200 Million33.33% Increase

Andy Mohr: Quick Info

Full NameAndy Mohr
Nick NameAndy Mohr
Date of BirthApril 29, 1967
Age as of 202356
Height177cm / 5 feet 10 Inch
Weight77kg / 169 pounds
Marital StatusMarried (widely reported)
Children2 (as per reports)

Andy Mohr: Relationship Status

Andy Mohr may appear to be a single man, but he is actually married to a woman. According to some stories, he is now in Indianapolis with his wife, Lorna, an IU graduate, and their two kids. But we can’t really confirm anything until we get clear information from his side. To be honest, unlike some unofficial websites, we do not copy and paste for every celebrity the same content. So please help us by sharing our good works to acquire all the newest updates that are factual and not just obvious!

Andy Mohr: Socials

Andy Mohr: Automotive News 2023

Andy Mohr Automotive is teaming up exclusively with the Avon Community School Corp. for the next 10 years, and they’re renaming Avon High School’s sports facilities after the dealership. The school board gave it the thumbs up. As part of the deal, the dealership is giving away six vehicles, offering a $5,000 grant for teachers each year for the next ten years, and providing a discount on vehicles for district employees. With the vehicles thrown in for raffles, the whole partnership is valued at over $1 million. Great news for Avon High School!

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“Avon is an important community to us. We have hundreds of employees and thousands of customers in Avon,” said Andrew Mohr, chief executive officer of Andy Mohr Automotive. “We believe that this long-term partnership with Avon Community School Corp. will enhance the lives not only of the students and faculty at Avon, but the entire community, our customers and our future customers.”


Who is the CEO of Andy Mohr?

Andy Mohr Automotive Group’s current President is Brad Todd. He was previously the President of NESCO Sales & Rental.

Is Andy Mohr married?

According to some sources, he now lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Lorna, an IU graduate, and their two daughters.

How many Andy Mohr locations are there?

In Bloomington and the Indianapolis area, Andy has 12 dealerships, 1 Heavy Duty Truck Center, and 4 collision centers waiting to help you!

What is Andy Mohr’s return policy?

Andy once stated that once they receive the return and examine it, typically within 48 hours of arrival, the refund will be accepted and a credit will be provided to original payment methods or the credit card.

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