Andrew Sansone Net Worth: A Financial Advisor Making Waves in Wealth Management

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andrew sansone net worth

As a member of the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, Andrew contributes to the organization’s mission of providing affordable housing to those in need. Additionally, as the president of both Big Apple Channel and Old Rock Media, he likely plays a key role in these media-related ventures and Andrew Sansone net worth is notably $1 mil.

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Andrew Sansone Net Worth

Andrew Sansone is a financial advisor associated with Allied Wealth Partners. He has Andrew Sansone net worth of $1 million. The Sansone family, on the other hand, was once reported to have a collective net worth of $13 million.

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Andrew Sansone: Education, Career & Awards

Andrew J. Sansone’s educational foundation includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Economics, earned at the State University of New York.

His professional background highlights his entrepreneurial spirit and success as a financial advisor for Allied Wealth Partners. He founded Big Apple Channel and Old Rock Media where he held the reins from 2003 to 2014.

In addition to his media ventures, Andrew Sansone served as a business consultant with Hero Media Group and established Concrete Media, an advertising firm located in Hackensack, New Jersey.

His efforts extend to co-founding Tourism Media Services in San Francisco while occupying a position with Habitat for Humanity in New Jersey.

Andrew Sansone: Socials

Andrew Sansone: Wife Julie Banderas Net Worth

Julie Bandera, Andrew Sansone’s wife, boasts a net worth of $12 million as of 2023, largely stemming from her career as a newscaster. She has contributed her talents to various news stations, including WHSV-TV, WNYW, WFSB-TV, WBRE-TV, and others. Julie and Andrew shared a residence in a $2.38 million unit located in a 35-story apartment tower near Central Park, reflecting their successful and comfortable lifestyle.

Andrew Sansone: Properties

Andrew Sansone’s professional interests span the realms of human resources and finance and he leverages his expertise to assist companies in optimizing the value they derive from their employees. His focus includes implementing beneficial financial compensation models to ensure that businesses can effectively nurture and retain their workforce.

In his leisure hours, he dedicates a significant portion of his time to cultivating and nurturing relationships with various entities, including law firms, businesses, community banks and accounting firms in collaboration with Allied Wealth Partners.

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Andrew Sansone: Age, Wiki

The United States of America is where Andrew was born in 1966. Thus, as of 2023, he is 57 years old.

The late Andrew P. Sansone, an electrical engineer, and Joan M. Sansone, a clerk, are Andrew’s parents. Andrew is an American citizen.

Andrew Sansone: Divorce

Living in New York City, Andrew and Julie are parents of three kids. Banderas disclosed her separation from Sansone on her X account in December 2022. Banderas revealed her impending divorce on Fox’s Gutfeld! on Feb 9, 2023. But Julie is still her wife, according to reliable sources, so perhaps their divorce is still ongoing or they have discovered new love.


What does Andrew Sansone do for a living?

As per our latest records he’s a business executive and through this career he makes money.

Who is Andrew Sansone married to?

Andrew was married to Julie Banderas but on 9th Feb, 2023 she announced her divorce. As per credible sources Julie is still her wife, so maybe their divorce is still pending or they found love again.

How old is Andrew Sansone?

Being a baby of 1968, Andrew Sansone is 55 years old.

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