Alyssa Fluellen Net Worth: TikTok Influencer’s Inspiring Journey

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alyssa fluellen net worth

Outline of the Alyssa Fluellen Family

In 2023, the Fluellen family, residing in sunny Arizona, was proudly flaunting a net worth of $2 million.

Their journey into the world of social media kicked off in 2019, and from there, they’ve bloomed into one of the most influential mixed-race families on TikTok.

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With a staggering 3.23 million YouTube subscribers, an impressive 4.3 million TikTok followers, and a whopping 225.7 million TikTok likes, their videos are like little snippets of joy, showcasing heartwarming moments from their everyday lives.

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Alyssa Fluellen Net Worth

Alyssa’s online game is all about bringing the fun with her lively TikTok content, entertaining reels, and laugh-out-loud skits, often starring her fantastic family.

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As of 2023, this gal’s estimated net worth is cruising at around $1 million. She’s making a name for herself in the digital world, one hilarious video at a time!

Alyssa Fluellen: DOB & Marital Status

Alyssa Fluellen, born on December 10, 1992, is a California native who’s taken quite the journey. Once a labor and delivery nurse, she’s now a big shot in the world of YouTube and TikTok. And she’s not on this adventure alone – she’s got her partner in crime, Gerard Fluellen, right by her side. The two of them are proud parents to a trio of adorable kiddos: Emmett Fluellen, Hayden Fluellen, and Harper Fluellen. That’s the family dream, California style!

Alyssa Fluellen: Socials

Alyssa Fluellen X Husband Gerard Fluellen: How They Met?

Their incredible journey hit a high note on June 29, 2020, when Alyssa and Gerard said “I do” in a stunning ceremony held in the scenic beauty of Lake Tahoe, California. The couple sealed their love in an intimate wedding, with only their nearest and dearest there to witness the magic.

Gerard and Alyssa’s epic love story first kicked off in college, back when he was a 22-year-old and she was just 20.

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Alyssa Fluellen Hubby Gerard Fluellen Net Worth, Kids & Career

Born on December 8, 1992, in sunny Redlands, Southern California, Alyssa’s husband Gerard Fluellen kicked things off as a UPS truck driver, hauling around hefty loads of gear.

But then, the script of his life took a fascinating twist when he ventured into the world of content creation on YouTube.

When you peek into his world on social media, you’ll find the proud father of three sharing exclusive snapshots of his life. Gerard wears his devotion to his wife and kids like a badge of honor, and he’s not just a funny guy – he’s also the kind of partner who’s got your back and an extraordinary dad to his little ones.

Additionally, Gerard Fluellen’s anticipated net worth for 2023 is a staggering $1 million.


How much does Alyssa Fluellen make on TikTok?

With 3.23 million followers, the Fluellens reported making low six figures in 2023 and expect to surpass $1 million this year. Alyssa left her work as a licensed nurse to devote all of her time to the family’s TikTok.

Where did the Fluellen fam move to?

Three-time mother Alyssa Fluellen announced on Instagram that her family relocated to Arizona.

Who is the Fluellen Family?

With more than 3.23 million YouTube subscribers and 4.3 million TikTok followers, The Fluellen Family is a well-known video developer.

Who is the husband in the Fluellen Family?

The spouse and father of the Fluellen Family is Gerard Fluellen.

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