Agustin Herran Net Worth: The Financial Triumph of a Retail Mogul

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agustin herran net worth

This year, Sedano’s celebrates its 47th year of operation. From a single store in 1962, the Sedano’s chain has grown to more than 30 supermarkets across South Florida.

Agustin Herran Net Worth & Sedano’s Supermarkets

Records indicate that in 2005, GREC HOMES IX paid $17.1 million for the Sedano’s. Augstin Herran’s net worth has increased to a whopping $50 million as a result of his real estate industry advancement.

Sedano’s Supermarkets originated in Hialeah, Florida, back in 1962. Armando Guerra, the originator, was a prosperous entrepreneur in Cuba, garnering essential expertise that paved the way for his establishment in the United States. In 1971, Guerra enlisted the assistance of Manuel Herran to oversee the day-to-day affairs of his modest enterprise.

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Emerging from its unassuming origins, Sedano’s ascended to become the premier Hispanic retailer in the country. Manuel Herran, born in Santander, Spain, in 1937, relocated to Cuba with his family in 1951. By 1967, Herran and his family transitioned to Miami, where he served as a salesperson before embarking on Sedano’s career.

Agustin Herran Sedano’s has also emerged as the predominant member of the Associated Grocers of Florida. The company’s strategies encompass the inauguration of a fresh location in 2009, coupled with an expansion into the Orlando market in 2010, where Sedano’s is poised to unveil three new stores.

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Agustin Herran: Management Today

Sedano’s distinguishes itself with on-site bakeries and kitchens dedicated to crafting a diverse array of Hispanic baked goods.

These include empanadas, Cuban bread, pastelitos, and croquetas. The establishment boasts a custom-cuts meat department featuring an on-site butcher, or “carnicero,” plus an extensive selection of seafood and fish.

The on-site café, specializing in expertly prepared Latin meals served in cafeticos, serves as a magnet for both non-Hispanic and Hispanic shoppers.

Beyond the allure of packaged Hispanic foods and culturally familiar fresh fruits and vegetables, Sedano’s also caters to diverse tastes by offering typical American fare and products.

This culinary diversity ensures that the store appeals to a broad spectrum of shoppers seeking a variety of culinary experiences.

Agustin Herran: Socials

Agustin Herran: Founded Organization

Augustin Herran, holding the esteemed position of Founder at General Real Estate, emerges as a dynamic figure in the real estate landscape with a CB Rank (Person) of 42,591.

Based in Florida, Miami, United States, Herran strategically operates within the regions of the East Coast, Southern US and Greater Miami Area. His leadership at General Real Estate showcases a commitment to excellence and innovation in the real estate sector.

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Agustin Herran: Recent Career

Augustin Herran’s career is marked by his pivotal role as the Founder of General Real Estate, a testament to his visionary leadership and profound impact on the real estate domain. As the driving force behind General Real Estate, Herran has played a crucial role in establishing and steering the organization towards success.


Who is the owner of Sedano’s supermarket?

Following Mr. Guerra’s death in 1979, Herran assumed leadership of the business. Manuel is currently Chairman of the Board, and his son Agustin Herran serves as President and CEO.

What is the history of Sedanos?

Armando Guerra Sr., a fellow Cuban expatriate, bought the store from Sedano in 1962 and retained the name.

How many stores does Sedanos have?

Sedano’s runs 35 locations in Broward, Miami-Dade, Osceola and Orange counties in Florida and employs about 3,000 individuals.Sedano’s runs 35 locations in Broward, Miami-Dade, Osceola and Orange counties in Florida and employs about 3,000 individuals.

What is the revenue of Sedano’s Supermarkets?

As of 2023, Sedano’s Supermarkets generates $430.0 million in revenue.

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