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adam moffitt net worth

Adam Moffitt, an adept engineer boasting a net worth of around $5.6 million, has steadily ascended the ladder of success in his career. His professional trajectory is characterized by unwavering growth, both in terms of expertise and financial achievements. Adam’s notable contributions to the technology domain, coupled with his commitment to family and entrepreneurial ventures, paint a portrait of a highly accomplished and well-rounded individual. On the 13th of May, 2023, Adam achieved a new milestone as a father, welcoming a baby girl Lily into the world alongside his wife.

Now, let’s delve into key aspects of his life, career, and financial standing.

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Adam Moffitt Net Worth And Financial Progress

Adam Moffitt net worth January 2024 is 5.6 Million USD.

  • 2023: 5.5 Million
  • 2022: $5 Million (42.85% increase)
  • 2021: $3.5 Million (75% increase)
  • 2020: $2 Million (100% increase)

Income Breakdown:

  • Annual Income: 600K USD
  • Monthly Salary: 50,000 USD
  • Daily Wage: 1,666 USD
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Adam Moffitt Early Life And Education

Adam Moffitt’s journey began with a strong academic foundation. As a brilliant student and social volunteer, he was driven by a passion for technology and its potential to make a positive impact. Adam pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Business Administration at the University of Southern California, showcasing academic excellence.

Adam Moffitt Social Media

Adam Moffitt Professional Life

Adam is a Software Engineer at Amazon Alexa, contributing to the success of one of the most popular tech companies globally. His career includes roles at prestigious organizations like Workday, USC Department of Computer Science, and internships at GE Digital and Roku. Adam’s teaching assistant role at the University of Southern California reflects his commitment to knowledge-sharing.

Adam Moffitt Married, Kids & Physical Stats.

Adam Moffitt is happily married to model and musician Tiffany Houghton. They have a beautiful daughter. They value family time despite their hectic career lives. They are both hardworking folks, making them an ideal combination.

Adam Moffitt Additional Details:

  • Age: 31 Years (2024)
  • Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
  • Weight: 72 kg/159 lbs
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Adam Moffitt Current Job

  • Software Engineer – Alexa Machine Learning Data Platform at Amazon Alexa
  • Past Experience:
  • Workday
  • GE Digital (Data Science Intern)
  • Roku (Data Science Intern)
  • University of Southern California (Computer Science Teacher’s Assistant)

Entrepreneurial Pursuit

Adam Moffitt’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is visible throughout his career, which includes a position at Iris AI. The job announcement reveals his role in selecting a Marketing Director for Iris AI, emphasizing the company’s objective of making AI simple and accessible.

Adam Moffitt Other Jobs

Adam’s knowledge goes beyond engineering. He works as an Artist Manager for Tiffany Houghton, showing his versatility in professional settings.

Adam Moffitt Hiring Dallas 2024

Iris AI is on a quest to make AI simple and understandable.

Adam Moffitt is looking for a Marketing Manager in Dallas to oversee user acquisition, content production, digital marketing, community involvement, partnerships, analytics, and team cooperation.

A Bachelor’s degree, prior experience as a marketing manager in the technology industry, creativity, digital marketing skills, a data-driven attitude, and familiarity with AI/tech goods are required.


What does Adam Moffitt do for a living ?

Adam Moffitt is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at RecipMe. He’s also Iris’ AI assistant.

Who is Adam Moffitt?

Adam Moffitt is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at RecipMe. He’s also Iris AI assistant at Dallas, USA.

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