1090 Jake Net Worth: Behind the Mic and the Money

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1090 jake net worth

If you are into hip-hop, then you must be familiar with 1090 Jake’s videos on YouTube. 1090 Jake is a well-known internet celebrity and has a large fan base on YouTube. With the help of social media, 1090 Jake has been able to make a name for himself. He is a well-known name in the Hip-Hop scene and has had a big influence with his End Of Sentence YouTube channel. He shares his unedited and honest stories of his imprisonment. He has garnered a sizable fan base and has seen significant success due to this.

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1090 Jake Net Worth

1090 Jake’s prime source of income is his YouTube channel. It is anticipated that 1090 Jake net worth will range from $1 million to $5 million as of 2024.

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1090 Jake: Experiences and Credentials

1090 Jake’s true name is Jacob Cherry, and he was born in Massachusetts, USA, on August 29, 1994. He is a well-known figure on the internet and the host of the popular End of Sentence YouTube channel.

He was caught carrying a hidden weapon in the Sulpher Springs neighbourhood of North Tampa when he was eighteen years old. He was then charged with nineteen crimes, one of which carried a life sentence in the state of Florida.

Following a plea agreement, he was found guilty of four crimes and given a 36-month sentence to serve in Florida State Prison. Jake had to deal with a lot of difficulties when he was imprisoned, including gang conflicts, violence, and staff mistreatment. Despite all of this, he completed his high school degree just two weeks before his release.

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1090 Jake: Professional Journey

With his name now practically associated with the hip-hop and YouTube communities, 1090 Jake has made a name for himself. Jake created a successful internet business based on his life experiences. He had to rebuild his life in Boston after being released from prison and returning to Massachusetts.

Exactly one year after his release, in July 2016, he was arrested once more on charges of assault with a handgun and armed assault with the intent to rob. The result was a two-and-a-half-year probationary period.

In May 2019, Jake launched his YouTube channel, End Of Sentence, without even knowing if he would be successful in his career. It was a brave decision for Jake to take. In less than two years, his channel gathered over 300,000 members and over 50 million views globally.

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1090 Jake: Endorsement and skills

Thousands were enthralled by Jake’s raw storytelling style and his distinct viewpoint as a former prisoner. In addition to reporting on high-profile criminal cases in the nation’s hip-hop scene, he also narrates his personal experiences. Jake’s journey has not been without criticism despite his accomplishments. He rose to prominence on the internet by outing alleged Hip-Hop snitches. Jake keeps using his platform to tell the experiences of those he encountered while imprisoned as well as his own, giving voice to those who are voiceless. His capacity to rise from sorrow to success, become his boss, and make over six figures a year is remarkable..


Who is 1090 Jake?

1090 Jake is a well-known name in the Hip-Hop scene and has had a big influence with his End Of Sentence YouTube channel.

Where is 1090 Jake from?

1090 Jake is from Massachusetts, USA.

How old is 1090 Jake?

1090 Jake is 29 years old.

Is 1090 Jake alive?

Yes, 1090 Jake is alive.

What did 1090 Jake go to jail for?

1090 Jake went to jail for carrying a hidden weapon.

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